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2024 Emerging Experience Study!

The 2nd edition of the Emerging Experience report is here.
Published in partnership with the QSR magazine, this year's study examines the performance of the new restaurant prototypes of 10 of the leading QSR brands, comparing them to their legacy locations. Download the report to find out where the world of QSR is headed!

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Research Methodology: How we collected data?

No. of Mystery Shops 

We performed 900 visits from January to February 2024 across 10 brands to measure the performance of new QSR prototypes, compared to legacy experiences.

Innovation & Legacy Experiences 

Visited three locations for each brand, including one innovation location and two legacy locations in the same geographic area.

Key Emerging Experiences

The study looked at four different experiences: In-store kiosk ordering, Mobile ordering for Drive-thru pickup, Mobile ordering for the window, and Drive-thru experiences.

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Download the report to learn how new restaurant prototypes performed.

Are tech innovations and investments paying off?

Dive into our study to learn if the new technology truly impacts the overall customer experience. The study evaluates:

The key takeaways.

The Emerging Experiences study provides valuable data to guide your investment decisions and improve your customers' ordering and pickup experiences.

Tech innovation boosts customer satisfaction

3 out of 4 innovation experiences received higher satisfaction scores compared to their legacy counterparts. 

Higher overall satifaction scores

Tech innovation leads to speed improvements for digital orders

Investing in technology has streamlined digital order processing for pickup. Whether customers were picking up their orders in a drive-thru, pickup window, or food locker, the study reveals that these innovations have reduced the time spent picking up.


Speed improvements for digital orders were noticed.

Innovation drives accuracy

The data suggests that the overall order accuracy scores of 3 out of 4 innovation experiences outperformed those of the legacy experiences.

Overall order accuracy scores were higher at innovation locations.


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