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Deliver an immersive shopping experience across your stores.

The most loved retail brands are all about crafting standout experiences. Learn your audience's expectations, align operations with brand standards, and maximize every transaction — online or in-store.

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"The team at Intouch Insight is a great partner, supporting us every step of the way in the launch of our mystery shopping program. This initiative is making a huge difference, delivering some great information about our stores that we didn't have before, and our franchisees love hearing firsthand from their customers! I would highly recommend Intouch Insight to anyone looking to start a mystery shopping program for their company."
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Over 40% of customers would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience.

Get feedback on shoppers' experiences across multiple retail stores, improve operations, and make the most of every transaction - for every channel you sell. 

*PWC - The Future of Customer Experience

Build Brand Loyalty

Happy customers keep coming back. Delight your shoppers at every sale. 


Drive Operational Efficiency

Identify gaps and align operations with strategic business goals.

Maximize Every Transaction

Boost sales and drive repeat purchases at every channel.


Get a 360° CX view by bringing all your programs together.

Get all the CX data you need to deliver seamless shopping experiences - all in one place.

Simple and Easy-to-use

Quickly get started with our user-friendly CX platform using video tutorials and pre-built dashboards for a seamless setup.

White Glove Approach

Benefit from the guidance of a dedicated Customer Success Manager to maximize the potential of your CX initiatives.

Secure Data Management

From Single Sign-On (SSO) to data encryption, safeguard your critical business data with our enterprise-level infrastructure.

Multi-Location Solution

Monitor key touchpoints and deliver tailored experiences across multiple channels and locations.


Unified Intelligence Hub

Access insights from mystery shopping, surveys, audits and other CX initiatives in one place, streamlining decision-making process.

Insightful Reporting

Harness text and sentiment analytics with machine learning for refined insights. Predict future impacts on KPIs with advanced analytics.

One-stop shop for all your retail CX solutions.

Whether optimizing operations, gaining competitive intelligence, enhancing customers experiences, or increasing ROI of promotional initiatives, we've got you covered.

Mystery Shopping For Retail

Whether online, in-store, or curbside, assess the execution of brand standards across multiple locations and ensure a great shopper experience with IntouchShop® Mystery Shopping.

  • Get a clear picture of what customers experience at strategic touchpoints.
  • Maximize ROI of promotions, product launches, and limited-time offers.
  • Assess store layout, signage, and overall presentation at multiple locations.

A mystery shopper evaluating execution of brand service standards at a retail store.

Voice of Customers Program

From shopping experiences to post-purchase engagement, find drivers of sales and loyalty everywhere you sell with IntouchSurvey®

A customer filling up csat survey after shopping at a retail store.

Checks, Audits & Inspections

We know you can’t be at multiple stores at the same time, ensuring the execution in the field delivers seamless customer experiences… but IntouchCheck® can!

  • Automate opening & closing procedures, cleaning & safety, and more. 
  • Streamline inventory and merchandising management.
  • Adhoc promotions and product recall.

An employee is performing interanl inspections using digital checklists.

Operational Audit

Evaluate back-end and front-end operations and identify gaps between brand standards and stores’ execution with IntouchAudit®

  • Verify adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Ensure inventory, signages, and pricing meet brand standards.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities to optimize operations efficiency.

An independent contractor is performing an audit in-store with an employee.

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