Drive action and value

Create targeted customer experience improvements with proactive Action Campaign™ technology.

Take smarter action

Constantly improve your understanding of customer behaviour and how your CX initiatives impact business metrics. Receive smart action campaign recommendations tied to your KPIs.

Improve your customer experience at every touchpoint

Assign specific actions to employees at various stages in the customer journey; create automatic notifications to keep employees accountable and track when items are completed.

Create campaigns focused on individual KPI improvement

Receive recommended tasks and frequency based on the impact they will have on your goals.

Show the impact of CX initiatives on your business results

Track performance against defined business metrics; easily identify and correlate business improvements to CX performance.

CX Action Campaign dashboard showing impact of CX activities

Focus on specific touch points in the customer journey

Target CX improvements

Assign CX Action Campaigns to individual locations or employees.

Take action tied to results

Launch and test pilot campaigns, then watch the impact of each action on your KPIs.

Scale what works

Create and reuse Action Campaign templates for maximum efficiency.

CX Action Campaign dashboard

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