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Turn insights into tangible improvements with customer experience measurement tools.

Intouch Insight offers multi-location brands a 360° CX view by seamlessly integrating operational performance and customer-centric data. Our customized customer experience solution puts an end to your CX woes.



Get a complete view of your customer experience mangement programs under one roof.

Connect the dots to see the big picture.

Analyzing operational or customer-centric data separately won't help improve your customer experience in the long run. That's why we help you scale your CX programs by eliminating data silos. With continuous improvements through automation, AI-driven actions, and actionable insights, you can create memorable customer experiences with ease.


Our CX intelligence platform draws insights from various programs, including Voice of Customers (VoC), mystery shopping, operational audits, and inspections. It provides a truly holistic view of your operations and its impact on customer experience.


Our customer experience solution automates tasks in real-time, sets targets based on location to track your customer’s journey, and manages cases that don’t meet your standards. It simplifies how you execute customer experiences.


You can explore the sentiment behind your data, evaluate the influence of weather patterns on outcomes, conduct predictive scenarios to gauge the impact of improvements, and effortlessly measure and compare performance across all your locations.


Machine learning takes your CX programs to a new level by using predictive analytics to pinpoint improvements that will have the biggest impact on your target KPI, and automatically trigger action based on feedback using advanced sentiment analysis.


Our blueprint for enhanced customer experience
and operational efficiency.

At the heart of our customer experience measurement solution is our commitment to helping you enhance your customers' experience. We're your partners every step of the way, empowering you to actively listen to your customers, interpret their experiences for actionable insights, and take actions that boost your bottom line.

Listen to your customers

Amplify your understanding of customer sentiments by initiating a Voice of Customer (VoC) program at every interaction, regardless of channel. You can even take it a step further by walking in your customers' shoes through mystery shopping, ensuring your employees meet the standards designed to exceed customer expectations.

With us, seamlessly integrate customer-centric data from:

Listen to your customers by initiating a Voice of Customer (VoC) program

Interpret your customers' experiences

Collecting data is simple; extracting actionable intelligence is the challenge. Our CX intelligence platform drills down to individual business regions, departments, or areas to uncover trends and replicate success.

We arm you with the right tools to measure, visualize, and predict results against company-wide goals and metrics using:

mystery shopping reports & dashboard

Built-in Survey Capability

Social Listening & Monitoring

Mystery Shopping Data

External Programs & Integrations

Dashboards & Reporting

Journey Mapping

Sentiment Analysis

Predictive Analytics & Key Drivers

Take data-driven actions

Data is only as powerful as the impact it creates. Automate workflows and triggers for case assignments, conduct routine checks to preempt operational hiccups and engage professional auditors to eliminate blind spots and internal bias.

Partner with us to perform:

Automation hub by Intouch CX Platform

Action Campaigns

CX Automation Hub

Resolution Center & Case Management

Check Forms Automation Software


Intouch Insight At a Glance


We're a customer experience solutions company helping multi-location brands achieve operational excellence, so they can earn customers for life.

Where Execution Meets Expectations.

40+ years Experience

Our solutions are designed based on 40+ years of hands-on experience in measuring brand service standards. In 2022, we completed 750,000 mystery shopping visits.

Scalable Solutions

All our products & services live in a common ecosystem designed for growth. Start with what you need today and scale as you grow.

One-stop Shop

Our fully-integrated suite of software and services offers the core CX and operational tools needed by multi-location brands.

Value-added Insights 

We deliver the insights you need to act fast, and with our industry-recognized studies, we are the partner that gives you more, every day!


Enhancing Experiences Across Industries

Get the maximum return on investment with a partner who understands your industry. Make us your virtual customer experience specialist while you focus on your business growth.


The Ultimate Customer Experience Toolkit

It's time to take the first step towards understanding customer experience management (CEM) & measurement. Get your hands on carefully curated cx tools that will help you build flawless customer experiences.

Read the all new 2023 CX toolkit by Intouch Insight


What's included:

  • Guiding principles of customer experience management

  • The most important tools for customer experience measurement and how they relate to each other

  • Key elements to look for when choosing the right tools for your customer experience program 


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