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Increase accountability. Spark action. Deliver results.

Simplify issue resolution with Intouch’s Case Management capabilities. Seamlessly create a system to prioritize what matters most and empower employees to act quickly to address issues at their location.


Case management by Intouch CX Platform

Stay in control

Keep track of issues that arise across all locations. Measure and compare volume of issues and average resolution times across locations to identify outliers.

Notifications on auto-pilot

Using easy-to-build hierarchy structures, notifications are auto-triggered to reach the right people at the right locations to drive immediate action.

Prioritize based on impact

Resolve issues identified in your operational data, like mystery shopping or internal inspections, and prioritize activities based on impact to the business.


Your all-in-one issue resolution center

Whether you are managing the outcomes of individual mystery shop records, rescuing unhappy customers, or addressing issues identified from operational audits and inspections, Intouch’s Case Management acts as the central hub to keep employees focused on top priority issues, across all your locations!

Increase Accountability

Assign cases set due dates to ensure issues are being actioned and resolved in a timely and effective manner.

Easily Monitor Progress

Follow cases with a click of a button to receive email notifications whenever a case is updated or a comment is logged.

Provide Relevant Details

Link cases to mystery shop, survey, inspection or audit records to eliminate time wasted searching for data.

Add photos or comments

Teams can easily collaborate on cases by adding comments and photos. All tasks are tracked in a conversation style history record.

Auto-trigger cases

Create and assign cases automatically based on specific conditions, like a failing score, or keywords like “dirty bathroom” or “rat”.

Link Cases

Link cases to each other to increase efficiency and eliminate duplication of effort when common issues are arising across the organization.


Tools to uncover insights, drive efficiency and deliver consistency

Assign, track and verify the completion of tasks at every location

Intouch’s Case Management offers simple and effective task management and collaboration tools to help teams work together more effectively to resolve issues. Management gets a bird’s eye view of activities at each location to ensure operations are running smoothly.

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Case management details by Intouch CX Platform.

Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time

Deliver rich insights to your team on overall case numbers, statuses, average resolutions times, overdue cases and more. Users can access on demand dashboards or receive reports directly in their inbox.

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Case management reporting by Intouch CX Platform

Go from reactive to proactive with advanced automations

Have you received a failing score for bathroom cleanliness in the last 3 inspections at a particular location? Use advanced rules and workflows to automatically create a case when performance does not meet standards.

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Get notifications in realtime through triggers.

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