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Seamless connectivity, swift response, and optimal efficiency! 

Empower your mobile workforce with IntouchCheck™ field service management solution. From scheduling and dispatching to task tracking and workflow management, IntouchCheck™ enables seamless coordination between field teams, reducing response time and improving operational efficiency.



Get a complete overview of all service requests with IntouchCheck™
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Create a truly connected field service experience.

Your field service team shouldn't have to work in isolation. Help them stay connected, streamline processes, and take a collaborative approach to deliver exceptional service, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step.

Empower Field Teams

Equip your field teams with the right tools, accurate information, and well-stocked inventory to efficiently tackle tasks in a single effort.

Reduce Response Time

Triggers, workflows, automation, and real-time notifications can enable your field teams to address operational issues instantaneously.

Reduce Downtime

Enable field teams to proactively conduct routine checks, identifying repairs early for increased uptime and customer satisfaction.

Promote Accountability

Workflow management helps in task allocation, follow-ups, issue redressal, completion and many more, making it easier for employees to practice accountability.

Improve Service Delivery

Empower technicians with access to service details, historical data, and real-time updates, enabling them to provide efficient service on-site & enhanced service delivery.

Streamline Operations

Set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for everyone to follow so they can execute tasks with focus and clarity, improving team's operational performance.


Designed for large field teams.

With IntouchCheck™, a single mobile device is all remote team members need to stay connected. Whenever changes are made to a form, updates will immediately appear on their device as soon as they log in. As field audits are completed, the collected data uploads seamlessly to your central hub in real time and built in automation means you can trigger automated actions as reports are completed.

Switch Between Devices

Enjoy complete flexibility across all your devices. Start an audit on a mobile phone, save your work, and pick up right where you left off on a tablet or laptop.

Customizable Form & Fields

Capture precise task information with custom forms and fields. Update and deploy changes instantly to your entire field team.

Skip Logic

Build added intelligence into your checklists to save time and increase relevance to end-users. Automatically skip irrelevant questions based on previous responses 

Electronic Signature

Signatures & time stamps provide an additional layer of verification and accountability. Ensure that checklists are completed on-time and by the right people.

Photos & Videos

When words aren't enough, have employees in the field add photos & videos while completing checklists for better contextualization.

Work offline

Stay productive even with poor internet connectivity. Download checklists in advance, work offline, and upload them when you regain internet access.

Automation & Triggers

Automation eliminates manual tasks, reducing errors & boosting efficiency, while triggers enable real-time actions, minimizing delays & improving response time.


Workflows guide field teams from start to finish by predefining the sequence of steps, eliminating confusion and improving productivity.

API Integration

Using our API, you can integrate CRM or ERP software to streamline data flow and enable a unified field service management ecosystem.


Elevate field service efficiency with IntouchCheck™.

From streamlined task management and work order processes to performance metrics and integrations, IntouchCheck™ brings automation and intelligence to your operations. Build a unified and efficient field service management ecosystem that drives success.

Task management & Scheduling

IntouchCheck™ empowers both field operations managers and technicians alike. It enables managers to assign tasks to specific field officers with clear instructions, deadlines, and expectations. By assigning responsibilities directly through the software, accountability is established from the start.

Assign tasks to your field teams remotely.

Documentation and Record-keeping

IntouchCheck™ serves as a centralized repository for documentation. You can easily create, track, and manage work orders. It allows field teams to upload relevant files, such as completed forms, photos, or service reports. By providing all essential details, including job descriptions, service history, and required parts, it enables technicians to perform their tasks in one go, reducing downtime and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Upload relevant files and information to service requests so technicians can perform tasks without any back and forth.

Performance Metrics & Analytics

IntouchCheck™ comes with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. It provides a comprehensive view of your field service operations' performance and helps identify trends and botttlenecks. You can monitor essential KPIs, including response time, first-time fix rate, service completion rates, field force utilization. Moreover, if you choose to integrate customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, you can also compare scores before and after.

Get a comprehensive view of your field service operation's performance using reports and dashboards.

Real-time updates & Status tracking

IntouchCheck™ allows technicians to update task statuses in real-time. They can provide updates on task progress, completion, or any challenges encountered along the way. This transparency enables managers and supervisors to track the status of tasks and hold technicians accountable for their assigned responsibilities.

Track the status of tasks and create employee accountability at the same time.

Monthly updates, tutorials, product webinars, & more

At Intouch Insight, we are always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of inspections, audits, and assessments. That's why we offer monthly software updates that bring cutting-edge features and functionality to our customers. But we don't stop there - we also encourage our customers to share their feature wishlists with us so that we can continue to innovate and help them achieve operational efficiency. Join us on the cutting-edge of inspection technology!

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Our end-to-end demo video that showcases how IntouchCheck™ works.
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Keep your team connected everywhere.

You can't be everywhere, but IntouchCheck™ can.