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Uncover the insights you need to earn customers for life

IntouchIntelligence makes reporting effortless so you can create and share reports easily, uncover trends quickly and scale successes overnight.


CX Analytics Reporting Dashboards by Intouch Insight

Your data, your way

Personalize the data you see with granular filters, permissions and location-based settings.

Powerful Visualizations

A picture speaks a thousand words. Bring your data to life with interactive charting.

Unmatched Intelligence

Uncover trends and understand cause and effect of day-to-day operations on experiences.


Instant CX analytics at your fingertips

Companies at every stage of growth need advanced insights that are accessible and easy-to-use. IntouchIntelligence, the Intouch core reporting engine, is designed to help brands move faster and grow through insight-driven decision-making.

Pre-built Dashboards

IntouchIntelligence comes with a long list of pre-built charts and dashboards to get you started quickly.

Location-based Lens

Our reporting tools are designed to easily segment and compare data by location, region, and overall brand.

Flexible Report Sharing

Trigger emails for the reports you want to monitor. Pick the day, time, frequency, and desired recipients.

Custom Dashboards

Visualize and interpret your data to bring focus on your key metrics and unique business goals.

Comments Dashboard

Surface keywords instantly from feedback, audits or inspections to trigger action immediately.

Secure Data Management

From SSO to data encryption, we provide enterprise-level infrastructure that keeps critical business data safe.


Unparallelled CX analytics & reporting for multi-location brands

Understand performance trends location by location

Complete with pre-built location dashboards, charts and granular location attributes, easily compare individual location performance against other locations or overall corporate results.

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Compare location level metrics using intouch's cx platform

Say goodbye to manual data entry and late night spreadsheets

IntouchIntelligence makes it easy to conduct cross-program analysis by seamlessly connecting multiple data sources into one CX analytics tool. Use our built-in survey, audit or mystery shopping tools or connect external data sources.

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CX Analytics Performance Trends Dashboard by Intouch Insight

Turn insights into action

Don’t let your data sit on a shelf gathering dust. Take advantage of Intouch’s powerful action tools to mobilize your teams and drive real change across your business based on real-life Operations and CX analytics.
CX Analytics Reporting Actions by Intouch Insight
Intouch’s CX reporting tools give Corporate a bird’s eye view into the performance of our mystery shop and age-verification programs across locations; while individual operators get actionable insights to help them improve business processes and ensure standards are being met.
Parkland Fuel

Actionable intelligence for everyone

The Intouch Insight platform offers a comprehensive set of advanced Customer Experience analytics tools that help you measure the impact of your actions, determine how external factors affect scores and understand the meaning behind the data

Sentiment & Text Analytics

Powered by machine learning, organize unstructured feedback from text and speech with natural language processing.

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Weather Analytics

Understand the impact of weather on customer feedback, mystery shopping scores and more!

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KPIs & Predictive Analytics

Stop guessing where to focus your efforts. Use predictive analytics to analyze the influence of key drivers against your KPIs.

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Customer Journey Analytics

Map every stage of your customer’s journey and identify the key metrics that drive satisfaction at every step

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