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Culture and Values


Positive Business Outlook


We care about the customer experience and the employee experience.

At Intouch Insight, we work in a collaborative and dynamic environment. As employees, we care about the success of our customers and are committed to our purpose: to improve the experience that customers have when interacting with businesses in their everyday life.

As Individuals

As individuals, we are:

  • entrepreneurial,
  • highly accountable,
  • constantly learning, and
  • adaptable.

As Team Members

As members of the Intouch team, we work:

  • collaboratively,
  • in cross-functional teams, and 
  • alongside our customers towards our purpose.


We offer all employees - whether remote or office-based - the tools to stay connected, professionally and personally!


Everyone’s opinion matters! We encourage an entrepreneurial mindset where all voices and diverse perspectives are valued.


Every team member is empowered to do their best work to achieve corporate, departmental and individual goals.


Life at Intouch Insight

Our Culture

Every Intouch employee, whatever their role, is committed to bringing value to our customers.

We work in a highly-collaborative environment, and recognize the immense value of cross-functional teaming, while taking full ownership of our individual responsibilities and success.

Working towards clearly-communicated goals and expected outcomes, we encourage each other to make well-informed business decisions daily, and consistently deliver high-quality results.


Values and Ethics

Results Oriented  |   Resourceful  |  Quality Focused  |  Integrity Driven

Our commitment to ethical business behavior is reflected in the way we hold ourselves to the standard of always doing what is right rather than just what is comfortable.

We thrive on open, honest discussion, and communicate proactively in this way, both within the company and also in all dealings with our customers and other business partners.


A Place to Grow

The will to continuously improve is deeply ingrained in our company culture, which means that we are always encouraged to learn, and develop our skills. 

We are expected to use our experience and knowledge to challenge the status quo and ensure we become ever more effective at delivering value to our customers. 


Giving Back to our Communities

Intouch is committed to supporting volunteer activities that enhance and serve the communities in which we live and work. 

Every year, each Intouch employee receives paid time to volunteer and make a positive impact in our communities.


Benefits of working at Intouch

Work with a team of outstanding individuals across the US & Canada.

Deeply engrained company culture committed to growth & improvement.

Employees have a clear understanding of job expectations and goals.

Employees are supported to be their best and have an impact on business goals.

Regular social events and annual company retreat with the whole team.

Intouch offers a comprehensive health and dental benefits package.

Our Benefit Providers are:


Don’t see an open position for you? We’d still love to hear from you! We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. Send your resume to and we’ll be in touch when an opportunity that matches your skill set comes up.

Agency recruiters interested in working with us can apply to join our RecruitiFi community.