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Unlock the key drivers behind your success

The Intouch Insight platform seamlessly analyzes program data to uncover key drivers and uses predictive analytics to forecast the impact of improvements on business KPIs.


Predictive analytics by Intouch CX platform

Predictive analytics simplified

Let Intouch do the heavy lifting for you. With pre-built data models and visualizations, you can uncover actionable insights that drive real results.

Deliver relevant insights

Anchor the analysis to your business’ Key Performance Indicators to streamline operations, enhance experiences and improve the bottom line.

Eliminate the guesswork

Using predictive analytics, the platform identifies the activities that will drive the greatest improvements so you can focus on critical and impactful tasks.


Transform your data into actionable insights

The predictive analytics capabilities in the Intouch Insight platform act as an always-on analyst working behind the scenes to unlock targeted insights so you can act immediately. Using existing program data, the built-in algorithm identifies the key drivers behind your KPIs and helps you prioritize which drivers to focus on in order to drive the greatest impact on performance.

Avoid Manual Work

The platform uses the data you are already collecting without having to pull together spreadsheets or crunch numbers manually.

Monitor KPIs Over Time

Track the performance of your KPIs over time with pre-built visualizations to easily uncover patterns and measure changes over time.

Key Driver Analysis

Understand which aspects of your business have the greatest influence on your KPIs without the need for an in-house data analyst.

Score & Rank Key Drivers

Key Drivers are automatically scored and ranked so you can see, at-a-glance, the relative importance of each driver on your business’s KPIs.

Predict Impact of Actions

The interactive dashboards help you prioritize where to invest time and resources to achieve the biggest impact on overall scores.

Hone in on Changes

Set specific timeframes for your analysis to stay focused on specific time periods when changes were rolled out to understand the impact.


Focus your efforts to drive the greatest impact

Bring attention to metrics that matter most to your business

The Intouch Insight platform puts your businesses’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the center of all analysis. This focus keeps your team grounded on what matters most, and uses the data already being collected or any external data imported into the platform, to perform the Key Driver Analysis.

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Predictive analytics driver by importance

Close the gap between data and action

Once you’ve identified the Key Drivers for your KPI, build an Action Campaign to rally your organization, at every location around your shared objectives. Monitor the completion of campaigns and understand the impacts of actions taken to refine your operational performance.

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Build an action campaign using predictive analytics

Leave the statistical modelling to us!

Use Intouch’s advanced tools to run prediction scenarios that measure the impact of improvements in the performance of Key Drivers on the outcomes of your KPIs. Use this information to focus your team’s activities on areas that will have the greatest impact.

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Predictive analytics predictions by Intouch CX platform

The time to act is now!

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