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Ensure compliance and increase accountability

Seamlessly collect data in real time with IntouchCheck™ Audits and Inspections Software and automate corrective action for the fastest response times



Do audits using IntouchCheck™ inspection software
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What is it?

IntouchCheck™ is a robust inspection software solution that empowers your team to easily manage audits and inspections across multiple locations.

Monitor the implementation of brand standards, health and safety measures, property inspections and more!
You can't be everywhere, but IntouchCheck™ can.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Build

Get started quickly with customizable templates or build from scratch using a simple drag and drop editor.

2. Execute

Remotely assign audits and inspections to team members which can be conduct from any smart device.

3. Analyze

Monitor results from your entire organization in personalized dashboards and take informed action.


The Problem


Conducting audits and inspections using paper forms or traditional office software leaves you with disconnected data - making it impossible to derive any real insights.

Manually collecting and re-entering the information collected takes even more time and doubles the likelihood of human error impacting your findings.

The Solution


With IntouchCheck™, whenever an audit or inspection is completed, the data is automatically imported into a central database - eliminating any additional effort from your team.
Leverage built in automation to trigger alerts or create and assign follow-ups to relevant team members and take meaningful, timely action.

The impact of IntouchCheck™

Streamlined form management

Build master forms and use IntouchCheck™'s built in logic to remove any irrelevant items based on individual location's needs. This way a single update to the master report will automatically apply to all impacted locations.

Automated real-time actions

Let IntouchCheck™ be your traffic controller for common follow-ups. Automatically create and assign follow-ups to relevant team members based on data submitted from the field - letting you focus on the bigger picture.

Simplified continuous monitoring

Work efficiently by keeping your key performance indicators front and centre. Custom dashboard's allow you to easily monitor aggregate data across your whole organization to making it easy to identifying trends.

Act instantly. Anytime. Anywhere.