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Understand your customers on a deeper level.

Use sentiment analysis and text analytics to uncover the meaning behind your data. Transform unstructured data into actionable insights to understand customer perceptions over time.



Do sentiment analysis using intouch's cx platform

Capitalize on hidden trends

Uncover what customers love about your brand and build on those opportunities.

Identify signals early

Detect patterns early and stop critical issues before they happen.

Location-based lens

Ensure that all locations meet standards with location-level sentiment scores.


Do more with your data

The sentiment analysis and text analytics capabilities available in the Intouch Platform take unstructured data and analyze it to uncover patterns so you can trigger immediate action, address issues quickly and capitalize on successes across your locations.

Automatic Data Coding

All open ended responses are automatically analyzed, scored and classified as positive, negative or neutral.

Keyword Analysis

Identify high frequency words or phrases with positive sentiment to comb out your company’s buzzwords.

Pre-built Visualizations

Out-of-the-box dashboards and charts save you time and help uncover trends without extra work.

Keyword-triggered Actions

Trigger cases, checklists or notifications from keywords, like dirty or rat, to drive action before it’s too late.

Data Compatibility

Leveraging our API to sync external data, you can run sentiment analysis on ANY text-based data your company collects.

Reporting Over Time

Dig into top positive and negative keywords and their usage over time to measure changes and impact of actions.


Unlock your data with easy to use sentiment analysis and text analytics tools

Leave the text analytics to us

Our advanced natural language processing refines unstructured data so you can spend more time analyzing insights and trends, not manually sifting through data. Text analytics, aka sentiment analysis, uses machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of unstructured data, revealing patterns and trends that could otherwise have been missed.

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Use text analytics to analyze large amount of unstructured data.

Save time and get access to powerful insights

Our pre-built sentiment dashboard comes equipped with powerful charts that highlight sentiment score, percentage changes month by month, sentiment over time, top 10 keywords, a sentiment word cloud, and top 5 positive and negative keywords. Our dashboard also gives you the ability to compare sentiment scores between locations.

See it in action 

Sentiment word cloud by Intouch's CX platform

Drive immediate action

Our automation hub allows you to mobilize your teams in real-time based on predefined events. With the sentiment functionality, you can use keywords as conditions that trigger an action if a specific word or string of words is detected. These quick and real-time actions allow you to remediate issues as soon as they arise.

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trigger action using sentiment

Find out what your data really means.