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With this feature update, you will be able to set custom icons for your dashboards

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Custom Icons for Dashboards!

Here at Intouch Insight, we are always releasing new features to make our user’s experience as seamless as possible. This month, we added a new feature to the Intouch Insight Platform.

How brands are doing when it comes to age verification on selling tobacco products?

2 min read

Tobacco Compliance: Age Verification in 2023

Tobacco is a major source of revenue for convenience stores. According to Convenience Store News, cigarette sales drive roughly 20% of gross margins...

Learn about some awesome fatures upgrade to Intouch Platform  and IntouchCheck™

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Driving Data Excellence

At Intouch Insight, we are constantly enhancing our software so that we can empower our customers to reach customer experience excellence. This month...

Learn how IntouchCheck™ can help hoteliers

3 min read

5 Ways Inspection Software Helps Hotels

How can you do more with less? This classic question is a real concern for hotel operators in 2023. Guest expectations continue to evolve while...

bill in hand

2 min read

Will Discount Stores be 2023's Disruptors?

Consumer trends over the past few years have been volatile, to say the least. As concerns shifted away from health and safety, we saw traditional...

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: New Year, New Features!

At Intouch Insight, we’re constantly working on releasing new features that will help you reach the top of your game. We are starting out the new...

The all new Customer Experience Toolkit for 2023 by Intouch Insight

2 min read

All New CX Toolkit for 2023

Happy new year! At Intouch Insight, we’re excited for what 2023 will bring for us and our partners. And we’re kicking it off with an all-new Customer...

Best CX Software Updates from 2022

3 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: The Best of the Best in 2022

2022 at Intouch was all about data. How to do more with your data, dig deeper into your data, and perform better data analysis - and it’s never been...

Channel blurring opportunities in 2023

2 min read

Make the Most of Channel Blurring Opportunities

Looking to make 2023 your best year yet? One of the biggest opportunities we’re seeing carry over into 2023 is channel blurring. This refers to when...

2 min read

Customer Experience Management in The Metaverse

You’ve probably heard people talking about the metaverse over the past year. From Facebook rebranding as Meta to Taco Bell hosting a virtual reality...