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CX Operations

Record, report and refine processes to improve day-to-day operations

Our Operational Excellence solution empowers you to discover events that deviate from your brand standards, take action in real-time and refine processes to ensure customer satisfaction.


Getting visibility on operations can help you uncover top issues that need urgent attention.

40+ years of CX mastery

Our solutions are designed based on years of hands-on experience helping brands streamline operations.

Listening from all angles

Our suite of solutions seamlessly bring Operational data together with other CX metrics to give you a complete picture. 

Technology powered solution

Intouch is the most technologically advanced mystery shopping provider, delivering deep insights to drive action.


A command centre for all your operational needs

Don't just improve daily operations, maximize their impact. Reduce risk, complexity and costs while improving customer experience, loyalty, efficiency and much  more.

Increase Efficiency

Imagine your employees know their daily tasks like the back of their hand. Boost productivity by equipping teams with the tools to tackle these head on.

Reduce Costly Mistakes

Tap into the issues before they manifest and cost you millions. Get access to location-specific data that helps you target recurring issues head-on.

Support Agility

Stay ahead of the curve by acting immediately on consumer feedback or changing trends. Quickly implement procedures and checklists on the go.

Regain Control & Visibility

Multi-site businesses can regain visibility on the execution of standard operating procedures with the help of inspection software or operational audits.

Enhance Customer Experience

Improved processes give time back to employees so they can focus on tasks that add value to customers and enhance their experience. 

Improve Customer Loyalty

People value great customer service. In-store interactions and experiences build their perception of your brand and later turn them into loyal brand advocates.


Our multifaceted CX Operations solution goes through many checkpoints

There is no one size fits all approach when you aim to achieve operational excellence. Every solution is designed to address unique pain points in the customer journey. That’s why most of our clients use a mix of these services that help them get closer to this ultimate goal.

Look through the customer lens to create a customer-centric experience

Our Mystery Shopping Services covertly measures the customer service delivered against your standards. Our experienced contractors give you an unbiased, objective picture of your brand performance at every location so you can take action to meet customers’ expectations.

Assess your brand standards →

mystery shopping reports & dashboard

Implement standard operating procedures with a click of a button

Our inspection software turns any smart device into a digital clipboard and easily rolls out standardized procedures to any location. Conduct audits and collect data instantly from remote teams and drive high-value insights into your daily operations.

Create operational checklists now →

Create triggers and workflows which can automate daily procedures.

Listen to your customers; they have a story to tell

Customer feedback is a report card on how well you have kept your promises. Know where you have exceeded and fallen short of their expectations so you can make changes to improve their experience. Using NPS® & CSAT surveys, you can help you discover the key drivers behind their visits.

Start surveying your customers →

Measure and monitor customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys

Ensure your brand standards are implemented consistently

Operational audits bring fresh eyes to identify gaps between brand standards and service delivery. Our highly experienced auditors overtly evaluate the execution of your standard operating procedures (SOP) every step of the way to ensure consistency in customer experience across all locations.

Keep a tap on your operations →

Measure both back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house operational performance with IntouchAudit™.

An ounce of wisdom or two tons of data?

Our Intouch Insight Platform transforms raw data into actionable insights so you can add more value to your customer experience programs. It measures the impact of your day-to-day operating procedures on customer experiences at scale by combining Mystery Shopping and Operational Audits data with other key CX metrics at ease.


Enhance your operational data by integrating it with other programs to optimize your CX efforts.



Intouch’s White Glove Approach

At Intouch, we truly believe that your success is our success. All enterprise-level customers are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, whose role it is to help you manage the day-to-day execution of your programs and to make sure you are getting the most out of the tools you have access to.

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