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About Intouch

Where execution exceeds expectations.

At Intouch Insight, we provide scalable customer experience management and measurement solutions that fit your business today and evolve with you tomorrow.

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Why Work With Intouch Insight?

Stand out now

Delivering valuable customer experiences improves customer retention, promotes brand advocacy and is integral to the sustained growth of any business. You've carefully developed your brand identity and operational standards. Now is the time to ensure these permeate every interaction with your brand.

We want to help you deliver consistent and rewarding experiences to customers that keep them coming back.


Build for the future

There are plenty of pieces to the customer experience management puzzle. Whether you're looking to launch a holistic program right away or tackle a single aspect, we want you to have the flexibility to build and expand in order to meet any challenge that arises.

That's why we've developed our software and services to integrate seamlessly - regardless where you start.


How we work

People First

Customer experience management is about human interactions. That's why we take a personal, dedicated approach to our software and services.

Results Oriented

The core of our solutions is data collection and analysis that drives actionable insights and measurable success so you can take guesswork out of the equation.

Always Building

Riding the wave of ever changing technology and consumer trends is why we get up in the morning and how we provide our partners with the edge they need.


Our Origin Story

With roots dating back over 40 years, Intouch Insight is a veteran in delivering high-performing mystery shopping programs and is one of the most technologically advanced providers in North America. While many people equate mystery shopping with loss prevention, we take it far beyond that. It's about measuring different touchpoints within your buyers’ journey.

In 1992 we were the first market research company to develop kiosks to collect electronic data in the field. Originally, a lot of people knew us as "the kiosk company".

Collecting customer and operational insights has been in our DNA since the beginning. Our experiences led us to launch innovative technology products, transforming decades of expertise into a game-changing customer experience measurement platform to meet your business needs of today and grow with you tomorrow.

With our software and services, you’ll never again struggle to Listen to your customers, Interpret the results, and Act on the data.


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