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Boost productivity, drive action and streamline processes

The advanced automation features in the Intouch Insight platform help you create simple solutions for complex scenarios.



Automation hub by Intouch CX Platform

Intelligent automation

Unite teams with advanced rules and workflows that do more than just automate tasks - but trigger action.

Multi-location first

Automatically identify locations that consistently have high or low performance over time.

Personalize experiences

Trigger event-based surveys off real-time customer data to improve data accuracy and build loyalty. 


Streamline processes, align operations, and personalize customer experiences at scale.

The Intouch Insight Automation Hub drives relevant and proactive actions so you can take control of your customer’s experience.

Real-time action

Trigger action based on pre-defined rules and conditions with real-time notifications and alerts. 

Automate recognition

Reinforce good behavior by automating the recognition of consistently high performers. 

Address gaps

Identify and address skill gaps or operational deficiencies with automated feedback.

Deliver results seamlessly

Automatically send program results to location managers based on advanced hierarchy and role configurations. 

Optimize multi-location data

Build complex business rules based on multiple sets of criteria to help better manage data across locations. 

Automatically integrate data

Automate your integrations and eliminate the manual effort required to push data to and from different systems.


Tools to uncover insights, drive efficiency and delivery consistency

Don't let your customers go unheard

Address critical issues straight away by automatically triggering actions and addressing client concerns immediately. Consolidate your customer resolution activities with Intouch Insight's automated case management to notify your teams when an issue arises at their location.

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Address issues using automation hub

Get the right data in the hands of the right people 

Keep all location managers informed with our automation hub. Our complex hierarchies and role structures ensure that employees are receiving reports for their location in a timely manner using automated workflows and triggers. 

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Location level dashboards and reports

Proactively identify areas for deeper investigation

Ensure nothing gets swept under the rug. Define events and assign corrective action when locations aren’t performing up to business standards or below their average. Use automation to create and assign cases when anomalies arise in real-time.

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Proactively identify areas for deeper investigation

The time to act is now

Find out you can get the piece of mind you deserve by automating critical actions across your organization.