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Watch on-demand videos from past webinars and events. 

Crafting the Best Mystery Shopping Program

Intouch Insight's President & CEO, Cameron Watt, and Chief Experience Officer, Lisa van Kesteren, answered your questions about mystery shopping.

Consumer Behaviour & the Covid Adjustments

At the 2021 Outlook Leadership Conference, Cameron Watt, President & CEO of Intouch Insight shares data and observations from a recent consumer habits study as well as the evaluation of a number of convenience stores chains.

Optimizing Customer Experiences to Capture Outliers

Intouch's own Erin Fenn was invited to join Terrence Wade on iAdvize's weekly livestream, ConversationsCX to celebrate #CXDay2020  and chat about driving better customer experiences. 

Providing Customer Experience in a COVID World

At the 2020 Outlook Leadership Conference, Cameron Watt, President & CEO of Intouch Insight shares insights and benchmark data into shifting customer sentiment and expectations for convenience stores.

Cultivating Trust in Times of Change (Interview)

Interview with Jeanne Bliss, the Founder of CustomerBliss, and Intouch Insight's EVP, Erin Fenn, as they discuss the nitty-gritty of what it takes to earn customer trust in today's reality, as brands reinvent how they do business and interact with their customers.

Do Something Great with Customer Feedback

Heart of the Customer's Jim Tincher joins our very own EVP Erin Fenn, as they discuss how to solicit customer feedback to drive organizational change.

People, process, technology: 3 Pillars of CX Success

In the pursuit to deliver top quality customer experience it is crucial to align the three pillars of people, process and technology.

Keynote: Outlook Leadership Conference 2019

Cameron Watt, President & CEO, Intouch Insight reveals the results of the annual Intouch and CSP mystery shop study.

Webinar: Engage, Empower, Execute: How to Maximize the Employee's Role in the Customer Experience

Watch this on-demand webinar with Adam Toporek to learn actionable strategies for using employee engagement to generate better customer experiences.

Webinar: The Path to Journey Management

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the emerging role of Journey Managers, and how to develop a journey mindset, from Kerry Bodine and Intouch Insight.


Webinar: Moments that Matter: Creating Actionable Customer Journey Maps

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to create actionable customer journey maps. With special guest and journey mapping expert, Jim Tincher.

Webinar: How to Optimize CX Through the Voice of the Customer

Intouch and special guest, Faith Adams with Forrester Research, discuss how to drive better business outcomes through your VoC program.

Webinar: How Retailers Can Drive CX Excellence With Store-Level Execution

In this webinar, special guest Jere Matthews, VP of Operations at Rutter's convenience stores shares how store-level execution impacts customer experience.

Webinar: How to Design Customer Experience Moments that "Make Mom Proud"

Jeanne Bliss shares examples from real companies that have designed customer experiences that "make mom proud". Watch the on-demand webinar now.

CX NYC: Why Employee Engagement Is the Most Important Link in Your CX Value Chain [Video]

Intouch CEO, Cameron Watt, discusses whether frontline teams have been left behind in the CX tech evolution, and how technology can be used to empower employees

Webinar: How to Select a Customer Experience (CX) Management Platform for Maximum Impact

Hear Jim Tincher, Mapper-In-Chief at Heart of the Customer, and Erik Germain, Solutions Consultant at Intouch Insight, discuss how to select the right technology to kick your CX program into high gear.


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