Turn insight into action

Shaping customer experiences means transforming big data into valuable actions.

Close the loop with customers

Loyal customers like to know that they’re being heard. All too often customer feedback programs fail to continue the conversation after they’ve responded. To win on customer experience, you need the tools to maintain the dialogue, and act on the insight you collect. Breed long-lasting brand loyalty as a result.

Act on customer journey insights

An effective customer experience management program uses data to drive critical improvements. LiaCX maps data sources along your customer journey, so you can pinpoint areas of customer despair and turn these touchpoints into a delightful experience.

  • Understand your unique customer personas and analyze customer experience journeys.
  • Target relevant customer journeys and experiences you want to.
  • Leverage case management and patent-pending Action Campaign™ technology to make improvements.
Customer experience journey map dashboard

Design better experiences, proactively

Most businesses respond to customer experience issues as they pop up. While this approach might satisfy the customer, it won’t delight them. To create an exceptional customer experience that lasts, you need to get ahead.

Touchpoint management allows you to identify underperforming KPIs in real-time and gives you the tools to correct them before customers become unhappy.

CX Action Campaigns

  • Mobile every employee to take action with patent-pending Action Campaign™ technology.
  • Isolate locations or control groups for specific CX Action Campaigns.
  • See the impact of each action on your KPIs.
  • Create and reuse Action Campaign templates, and share best practices.
CX Action Campaign dashboard showing impact of CX activities

Case management

The LiaCX platform has integrated case management functionality to help CX leaders resolve problems before they become recurring issues. Through triggers and automated workflows, staff are empowered to action checklists and execute tasks so you can ensure that customer feedback is swiftly resolved and no detail gets overlooked.

Case management assigns tasks to employees

It's easier to understand your data

Unlike other CX platforms, you will see the full customer experience picture through the myriad of data sources and touchpoints being funnelled into LiaCX. When overlaid with advanced data mining techniques, you get truly actionable intelligence.

By directly connecting customer insights to operational improvements on the front lines, you'll have the power to transform brand preference, boost loyalty and increase customer advocacy.

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