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Simple, Flexible, Pricing

Your success is our success! We're committed to giving you the functionality you need to drive growth for your business. All of our plans offer unlimited users and surveys.


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per month (USD)

Unlimited users
Unlimited surveys
1 location
1250 Survey responses per month

What's included:
  • Basic question types & templates
  • Survey branding & design
  • Skip logic
  • Survey health analysis
  • Distribution by link, social, QR code & embed code
  • Standard survey results reporting 
  • Email support & on-demand knowledge base
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per month (USD)


Up to 5 locations
3750 Survey responses per month
Up to 3 custom dashboards
Up to 5 triggers
Basic connectors

Everything in Grow, plus:

  • Advanced question types & templates
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Aggregate survey reporting & dashboards
  • Filtered analytics views



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Scaled location pricing
Scaled survey responses pricing
Scaled email distribution pricing
Unlimited custom dashboards
Unlimited triggers
Advanced connectors

Everything in Scale, plus:

  • Advanced user, role and organization management
  • Distribution by email & SMS add-on available
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Contact management & lists
  • Fatigue protection
  • Add-on advanced features, like: Case Management, Key Driver Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Automation Hub, Weather analysis, and more available!

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Feature Comparison

Grow Scale Lead (Enterprise)
Administer & Optimize your Account
Survey Reports
1 location
Up to 5 locations
Scaled location pricing
Questions per survey
Responses per month
1250 per month
3750 per month
Scaled email response pricing
Email distributions per month
Scaled email distribution pricing
According to standard Service Level Agreement
Email only
Email only
Email & Phone
On-demand help guides & knowledge base
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Advanced user, roles & organization management
Send delayed activation emails, download users, granular hierarchy management, set user roles
Bulk user upload & updates
Trace logs
Track user activities across the product
Build Surveys & Manage Responses
Survey branding & design
Basic question types
Calendar, Checkboxes, Display image, Display text, Display video, Dropdown, Group, NPS, Multiple choice, Ranking, Rating, Scale, Slider, Text area, Text input
Basic question & template library
Quickly find and add commonly used VoC survey questions to your survey program
Survey health
Track the performance of your survey and identify optimization opportunities
Smart prompts
Help respondents find the right words by prompting them based on keywords they've written
Help text
Provide additional context to respondents in your surveys
Customize placeholder text
Character limits
For text area
Randomize / reorder answers
For checkbox, drop down, matrix, radio button, ranking question types
Piped text
Use dynamic variables in survey questions to personalize surveys to respondents by pulling in customer names, addresses, or any number of variables
Answer validation
Specify the response format of text input fields for things like phone numbers and email addresses and prevent respondents from entering responses that do not match the specified format
Rate limiting
Limit the number of submissions from respondents to either a single response or a fixed number of responses per day
Redirect respondents to a specific webpage upon submission of their survey
Skip logic
Personalize each respondent's experience while taking your survey by creating create custom paths through a survey based on each respondent's answers, contact attributes and more
Sentiment analysis
Advanced question types
Captcha, Image Upload, Matrix
Advanced template & question library
Question scoring
Assign values to each question in your survey program to gain better insight into your response data
Assign weights to sections within surveys to fine tune scoring
Tag questions to enable comparison across unrelated survey programs
Audio/Video uploads
White labelling
Remove Intouch Insight branding from surveys
Use custom JavaScript to manipulate surveys beyond the out of the box features and settings of IntouchSurvey™
Report, Automate & Drive Action
Survey reports
Standard survey reporting
Survey records
Individual survey responses
Data export
Export your data in CSV format.
Aggregate survey reporting and standard dashboards
PDF downloads
Configurable PDFs
Filtered analytics view
Slice and dice your data with fully customizable and totally granular filters. Save and share your filters
Sentiment analysis dashboard
Custom dashboard & reports
Available as add-on
Setup automatic actions based on specific criteria
Up to 5 triggers
Basic connectors (free storage services, Slack)
Advanced connectors (SFTP, Webhooks)
Saved filters
Report sharing & scheduled distributions
Subscribe yourself or others to receive reports delivered right to your inbox at the right cadence for you
File share
Case Management
Rally your team around issues and track progress with cases
CX Platform exclusive feature
CX Automation hub
Cross-program rules and workflows
CX Platform exclusive feature
Key driver analysis & Action campaigns
Identify and work towards your biggest CX opportunities
CX Platform exclusive feature
Weather analysis
CX Platform exclusive feature
Distribute Surveys & Manage Contacts
Distribution methods
Link, social, QR code, embed code
Link, social, QR code, embed code
Email, SMS add-on available
Contact management
Contact lists
Bulk survey distribution
Fatigue protection
Ensure that respondents aren't overwhelmed with consecutive emails
Automated survey reminders
Send reminders automatically to recipients who have not taken the survey to increase response rates
Survey auto-delivery
Set up specific surveys to be emailed to any contact based on things like if they're new, if any of their details get updated, etc.
Custom contact fields
Custom email senders
Rate limiting
Limit the number of submissions from respondents to either a single response or a fixed number of responses per day



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