Thorough and accurate on-site inspections

Ensure that guidelines, standards, and laws are being adhered to.

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Third-party on-site inspections

Our certified auditors conduct thorough, end-to-end inspections and validation services, providing you with sophisticated management and high-quality, unbiased feedback.

PDMA Compliance

Annual audits

Audit drug representatives once a year to ensure that reps are in compliance - everything from how samples are handled to complying with FDA standards and more.

Auditor using IntouchAudit Auditing Solutions for PDMA audit

For cause audits

Audit drug representatives when there is reason to believe that reps are not following PDMA standards, including when samples are unaccounted for or being stored out of compliance.

Auditor speaking to drug representative not following PDMA standards

Storage audits

Inspect potential drug storage locations used by new representatives to ensure they are up to standard.

Auditor inspecting drug storage location

Closeout audits

Collect company property, including drug samples, IT equipment and marketing materials from drug representatives who part ways with their company - whether voluntary or through termination.

Auditor collecting company property from drug rep

FCRA Compliance

Verify business legitimacy and intent of prospective customers

Inspect the premises as requested, if the address changes, if the authorized individual departs or any other business changes. Third party auditors complete thorough, physical inspections to authenticate security and handling, and destruction and storage of credit reports.

Auditor using IntouchAudit Auditing Solutions

Educational testing audits

Ensure validity of standardized testing scores on the state and national level

Audits can be completed before, during and after a test to prevent results being compromised.

Ensure educational testing is delivered with high-quality, unbiased, accessible standards every time.

A standard audit includes counting textbooks, verifying the restriction of test booklets and computers, student seating and staff and student monitoring to minimize cheating.

Educational Testing Audits

J-1 internship audits

Ensure internships are granted to foreign students hassle-free. Inspections ensure that locations are safe for interns and that the business has the resources to provide interns with a positive experience. Once an inspection is completed, our detailed reports assist individuals in obtaining the J-1 Visa.

Inspector conducting an audit using IntouchAudit auditing solutions

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