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      Lead Capture Made Easy

      Flexible and scalable event data capture


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      The Ultimate Event Data Capture Solution

      No Coding Required

      Easily create mobile responsive surveys, waivers, and forms without a developer.

      Make Real-Time Edits

      Making changes as needed on the fly and publishing them while at the event gives you the ultimate flexibility

      Implement Custom Themes

      Use Capture's theme builder to design your own, personalized theme.

      Effortless Survey

      Leverage skip logic, conditional branching, and answer piping so your surveys are simple for attendees.


      End-to-end Solutions for all of your Event Needs

      Hardware and Shipping

      Our hardware and logistics services ensure everything you need for event day is where you need it, when you need it.

      Event Dashboards

      Easily understand event performance with dashboards and reports for your entire team.


      Don't Stress Over WIFI

      Capture's surveys and forms collect data even when your devices are offline. All of your data will sync securely and reliably once your devices are back online.


      Engage, Track & Integrate

      Engage with your attendees, incentivize participation, and track how they move throughout your events for a richer look at event results.


      Watch, Manage, And Optimize

      View all of your data in one place to get the full picture of event performance. Easily view response breakdown to share with teams. With real-time data you can make changes on the fly and compare event performance over time to run experiments and optimize for your greatest success.


      Track Online and Onsite

      Your event experiences span across multiple channels from online registration, email marketing, social media, and of course, onsite. Leverage features like custom URLs, QR codes, coupon codes and more to better watch how attendees move across your online and onsite experience.



      Use RFID technology to support event experiences like sign up and registration, VIP access, product interactions, games, contests and more.

      Interact & Earn

      Attendees scan their bracelets or badges as they interact with your products to earn points. You set the number of prizes you want to give away per device over a specific time period.

      Scan & Win

      Create prize towers where attendees can scan badges to find out if they've won a prize. Control number of winners and how winners are selected.

      Integrate with Other Vendors

      Choose to integrate your technology from other specialized vendors so all of your data flows to one place.


      Custom CRM & Software Integrations

      The Intouch software team can develop custom & complex integrations into your CRM or marketing automation software. Our team of data experts is the perfect tool for ensuring your event data ends up in the right place.

      Customer Journey Tags in CRM

      Faster Follow-Up, Better Results

      With your event data flowing directly into your CRM or marketing automation software, your marketing and sales team can follow up faster and more efficiently.

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      Know Where Customers Come from to Better Attribute ROI

      With direct integrations into your CRM & marketing automation software, now you can better attribute lead sources and map your customers' journey from their first event interaction to making a purchase.

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      The time to act is now!

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