Faster, easier field data collection with mobile forms.

Improved accuracy, automated actions and more.

All the fields you need.

Create yes/no questions, multiple choice, multi-select, numeric, text, date, auto-calculation fields, and use skip logic.

Calculate and score instantly.

Save time and improve accuracy. Input numbers to auto-calculate fields, and automate the scoring of number ranges and calculations so auditors don't have to.

Share the full picture.

Take photos and add photos from your device right in IntouchCheck.

Trigger action plans.

When issues can't be fixed right away, flag them for follow up to auto-notify the right people and initiate action plans.

Check faster, capture more.

Streamline your field data collection process.

Prioritize and organize.

See a list of upcoming audits assigned to you and when they're due.

Submit or send instantly.

Submit or send for review with the click of a button. Auto-email PDF reports and report summaries. 

Don't worry about connectivity.

Work offline safely. IntouchCheck forms automatically save to your device even when you're not connected to the internet. Submit when you reconnect. 

Move from device to device.

Save work on your smart phone when connected. Move to your desktop to review and check before submitting. Save, and switch to your tablet in between.

Verify and manage how checks are being performed.

Verify how long audits and inspections take

Verify timing.

Verify teams aren't rushing through your checks. See how long it took to complete the audit.

Collect signatures from auditors and managers

Review and approve with signatures.

Collect signatures once checks are complete. Once signatures are collected, no changes can be made.

Verify when and where inspection photos are taken

See when/where photos are taken.

Verify teams aren't using the same photos over and over. See when and where photos are taken.

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