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        COVID-19 Employee Health Screening

        Enabling businesses to proactively manage the safety and well-being of employees & visitors as we combat COVID-19.

        Contactless data-capture
         Zero installation required




        So much more than a web form

        Maintain your business operations and make the safety of your employees a top priority.


        Deploy the COVID-19 Employee Health Screening to capture data, report on results, and remediate issues in real-time. 


        Trigger notifications for HR or Management, if an employee or visitor has failed the screening self-assessment. 


        Create workflows, and deploy cleaning checklists, should a potential exposure be reported. Reinforce your operational best practices.


        Employee Screening

        Return to work safely by enabling employees to self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms. Identify risk factors before entering the workplace and communicate easily with management. Save a shortcut on smartphone home screens for quick and easy completion of the health screening.

        visitor area

        Visitor Screening

        Deploy QR codes and easily gather contact information, screening visitors before they enter a workplace. Customize the results page to deliver instant feedback on whether it is safe to enter. Download printable signage and enforce your operational standards. Manage traffic in and out of every location, without any physical interaction.

        Try it out!

        Scan the QR-code and launch the Employee Health Screening.

        Canadian Users

        American Users

        QR Code EHS Canada_Eng

        Or, click here.

        QR Code EHS USA_Eng

        Or, click here.


        See it in action.


        Click the button below to launch the Employee Health Screening.


        Canadian Users

        TRY IT OUT


        American Users

        TRY IT OUT


        Getting started is easy as 1,2,3

        Customize your template, or use as is.

        Access Health Canada and CDC screening questionnaires, pre-built and ready to go. The COVID-19 Health Screening can be used anywhere, on any device. Deploy screening questionnaires via email, SMS, website, or QR code.

        ✓ Easy-to-use
        ✓ Customizable, add logo and branding
        ✓ Bulk upload contact information
        ✓ Built-in integrations that connect to your existing CRM

        Survey Builder EN

        Enable employees to self-assess.

        Use a QR code, schedule a daily email or SMS distribution, or link to the web. Manage exposure, and mitigate risk, with quick and accurate communication across the business.

        ✓ Email notifications, triggers, and alerts
        ✓ Securely collect health information
        ✓ Enforce operational best practices

        EHS Eng Mobile-1

        Set-up real-time notification workflows.

        Slash admin time by triggering automatic notifications to relevant teams when data is received. Monitor results from a single unified command centre. Review real-time or historical data to uncover patterns and trends. Trigger tasks, cases, checklists to effectively remediate issues.

        ✓ Easily segment and organize data
        ✓ Subscribe to receive reports
        ✓ Manage data cross multiple-locations

        Reporting EHS EN-1




        Let’s work together to stop the spread of COVID-19

        Ensure that your workforce is complying with corporate policies and government COVID-related regulations.
        Connect with our team to see how we can help protect your most valuable assets, your people.