Set the criteria for successfully resolving issues using robust mobile action plans.

Respond to customer issues faster and more effectively.

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Action Plans

Mobile action plans for closing the loop on customer issues.

Assign action plans.

When an issue is identified on your IntouchIntelligence dashboard, use IntouchCheck to assign an action plan to anyone in your organization and set a due date for resolving the problem.

Protect your brand's reputation.

Never compromise customer experience. IntouchCheck has unlimited action plans so you can ensure every customer issue is resolved.

Ensure consistency.

Set your teams up to successfully resolve customer issues and drive positive change. By providing step-by-step action plans for resolving specific issues you'll ensure consistent execution across locations.

Build a library of standardized action plans.

Every time you create an action plan it's saved in your checklist library. Standardize your action plans and save time by creating robust checklists that can be reused for common issues like cleanliness or speed of service.

Customer Experience Management - Action Plans

Verify that problems are resolved according to your standards.

Require teams to take photos

Require teams to add photos.

Collect photo evidence to see how action plans were completed.

Verify when and where inspection photos are taken

See when/where photos are taken.

Verify teams aren't using the same photos over and over. See when and where photos are taken.

Collect signatures from auditors and managers

Review and approve action plans with signatures.

Collect e-signatures once an action plans is complete.

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