Taking action on your customer experience data has never been easier

Rally every team, department or location to take specific actions that lead to better customer experiences. Then monitor completion and understand action impact.

What is an Action Campaign™?

An Action Campaign™ is a series of specific actions you assign to your teams, aimed at improving a business metric or resolving a trending issue. This patent-pending technology guides frontline teams to deliver better experiences and makes it easier for you to see what actions are most effective.

Action Campaign Dashboard on a Desktop

How do I get started with Action Campaigns?

Spot a KPI you want to improve? Enter your KPI into our automated key driver analysis and advanced analytics will tell you which parts of your customer experience or operational performance are having the biggest impact on this KPI.

Key drivers are weighted by importance, so it’s easy to see where you should start focusing your efforts first.

Dashboard showing key driver analysis on NPS

How do Action Campaigns work?

Select a KPI to improve

Dashboards and reports make it easy to spot areas of your experience that need attention.

Identify which actions to take

See what actions will have the biggest impact on improving your KPI with automated key driver analysis.

Set a goal and timeline

Select a target for your KPI and a timeline for your campaign.

Assign actions to employees

Assign specific actions and tasks to different locations, teams, departments, or employees.

Define action frequency

Schedule tasks and set due dates based on how frequently you want actions to be completed.

Validate task completion

Mobile task management makes it easy for teams to complete tasks and for you to validate task completion.

Understand impact

Easily understand which actions are making a difference with charts, graphs and progress gauges.

Compare different regions or locations

Better understand how effective your campaign is by comparing the performance of locations in the campaign against those that aren’t.

What can I improve using Action Campaigns?

The sky's the limit. You can choose a KPI from any of your CX programs or any data that's integrated into the Intouch platform. Some common KPIs and issues of focus include:

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Identify the key drivers of overall customer satisfaction and guide your teams to take the actions needed to deliver best-in-class experiences.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Pinpoint what your detractors are unhappy about, and target improving these issues to turn detractors into promoters.

Average Order Value

Identify missed up-sell opportunities and provide teams with the training needed to increase basket size and drive revenue.

Food Availability

Ensure your customers' favourite menu items are always available by fixing operational issues that lead to food waste or inventory issues.

Use Action Campaigns for pilot programs

Perform A/B tests

Easily perform A/B tests on your CX initiatives. Choose a control group to include in your initial campaign - maybe it’s locations in a specific region or with similar attributes. Assign actions to these locations, then compare performance on the issue or KPI you’re tracking to non-participating locations.

Get buy-in on CX initiatives

Struggling to get buy-in on CX initiatives across locations? Once you have the results to prove the impact actions are having, share the results with unengaged stakeholders to give them the push they need to adopt change.

Compare Location Performance of Action Campaign

Case Study

Learn how a leading convenience and gas retailer drives company-wide action on customer experience data and measures ROI with Action Campaigns.

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