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    Measure the moments that matter

    Hone in on what matters most to your customers with dynamic customer journey mapping software.

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    Optimize every touchpoint

    Enhance your customer’s experiences at every stage of the customer journey with tools to understand the key points of delight and friction.

    Map every stage of key business metrics to maximize CX ROI and turn your journey maps into high impact tools to manage experiences.

    LiaCX® Customer Journey Touch Points

    Confidently identify critical stages in the journey that impact your business’ performance

    Drive revenue growth

    Leverage key points of delight to maximize opportunities for growth.

    Improve efficiency

    Hone in on the moments that matter, gaining efficiency through high impact activities.

    Prevent churn

    Proactively address customer issues by understanding the trends behind the data.


    Map key metrics

    Today, having a picture of your customer’s journey isn’t enough. Use Customer Journey Mapping Software to help you link the moments that matter to key business metrics for every critical interaction.


    Segment your customers

    Visualize the journey for your various customer segments to better understand what motivates them, predict their needs, and engage with them when they need you the most.

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    Understand how your customers are feeling

    Enhance journey maps with sentiment analysis of unstructured customer data and get rich insights to better understand why customers are behaving in a specific way.

    LiaCX® Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

    Do something great with customer feedback

    As you collect data from your customers, remember to be agile and to always have a desire to change. To maximize impact, make your customer journey maps a living and breathing component of your CX arsenal.

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