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        Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time

        Eliminate data siloes and have one source of truth. Do more with your data using fully customizable smart dashboards and reporting in LiaCX®.

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        Make your data work for you

        LiaCX boasts powerful visualizations, so you can easily segment, filter, and organize data in any way you’d like. Monitor your KPIs and get real-time insight into the metrics that matter most to your business. Use cross-program and time-based reporting to get a look at the bigger picture, identifying patterns and trends.


        Your data, your way

        Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes set-up quick and efficient. Leverage out-of-the-box reporting or pre-built dashboards to get started quickly. Or, create fully customizable dashboards to filter into data with better granularity.

        Mirror your organizational structure with granular permissions and set hierarchies, permissions, and filters to make sure everyone sees the most relevant data when it matters most - even when dealing with multiple locations.


        Flexible reporting

        Subscribe to and automate the delivery of reports. You can also use regional roll-up on your custom dashboards, to compare multi-location performance. And, with customizable PDF outputs, you can take your data offline and onsite, as needed.

        Customize your View

        Identify the metrics you want to monitor and use intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to quickly create charts. Filter reports with granularity. Our sleek mobile-first design keeps your teams informed while in the field.

        Subscribe to Reports

        Trigger emails for the reports you want to monitor. Pick the day, time, frequency, and desired recipient. Have reports automatically sent to your inbox in a PDF format for easy sharing across the organization.

        Manage Permissions

        Create unlimited dashboards and reports, and easily manage access-level with individual configurations for users and groups.


        Read between the lines with text and speech analytics

        No more sifting through endless comments and conversations. With natural language processing and sentiment analysis, text and speech analytics organize unstructured feedback from text, audio, and video data.



        Discover new trends

        Keyword identification helps you draw quick insights from huge volumes of unstructured text, audio, and video feedback, and identify CX trends you should be monitoring.

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        Understand customer emotion

        Sentiment analysis decodes emotion, concerns, and intentions in all of your unstructured feedback, so you can get a better understanding of customer expectations.


        Better anticipate needs

        See a KPI you want to improve? Automated key driver analysis tells you what’s having the biggest impact on your score so you know exactly what to do to make improvements.

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