A smarter way to interpret your customer data

LiaCX analyzes data from any source and makes it easy to quickly understand the key drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction within your customer experience.

Understand your customer experience at a glance

Chances are, you don’t want data. You want direction. While customer feedback provides guidance, finding value from that data can be a struggle.

LiaCX takes your survey scores and other customer data a step further by providing you with actionable insights from every customer interaction, all in a single platform.

Powerful, real-time reporting

Reporting tools show real-time insights into customer data points like NPS, CSAT and average transaction value. It’s incredibly easy for everyone to visualize and understand the CX data points that matter to them.

Dashboard with customer experience reports

Customer feedback surveys

Analyze and interpret Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) data with ease.

Customer satisfaction survey

Customer journey maps

LiaCX maps all of your data to touchpoints within the customer journey, making it easy to identify stages of delight or despair and focus your CX efforts accordingly. Create and customize as many journey map dashboards as you need, so you can monitor how customers feel about their experiences with your brand across different channels.

Customer experience journey map dashboard

Text analytics

Blogs, social media posts, call center notes, and survey results all hold a wealth of information about your customers’ expectations.

LiaCX uses text mining and natural language processing algorithms to find meaning in huge amounts of unstructured data, saving you time and effort from attempting to manually extract customer patterns and conversation topics.

Text analysis results in word cloud

Stay ahead with predictive analytics

For many organizations, customer retention is a reactive activity that involves responding to mistakes in order to keep customers satisfied.

LiaCX predictive analytics identify opportunities for you to proactively increase customer satisfaction, recover detractors, and engage promoters.

Predictive analytics identifying expected boost to key metrics

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