Get more from your data with smart dashboards and reports

Reporting that doesn’t require a team of data scientists

Customizable dashboards give you real-time vision into the data points you care about. Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes set-up a breeze, and a sleek mobile-first design keeps your teams informed in the field.

It’s insight sharing, made easy.

Dashboards that bring your customer data to life

Get more context

All of your data is seamlessly combined in one platform so you can get a better understanding of your customer experience and identify correlations between different data sets.

Powerful data visualization

Display your data any which way you’d like with countless chart types.

See the impact on your KPIs in real-time

All data is displayed in real-time, so you can quickly take action and share insights on the KPIs you care about.

Dashboards Reports Custom Dashboard

Flexible, configurable reports

Customize your view

Choose the metrics you want to monitor and use intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to quickly create charts. Filter reports any way you want.

Reports to your inbox

Schedule which reports you want to see regularly, and have them automatically sent to your inbox in a PDF.

Create and share unlimited dashboards

Create unlimited dashboards and reports, and easily manage who has access. Share dashboards with individual users or groups to ensure the right information is in front of who needs it.

Daily Morning Check

Find the needle in your CX haystack with text and speech analytics

No more sifting through endless comments and conversations. With natural language processing and sentiment analysis, text and speech analytics organize unstructured feedback from text, audio and video.

Discover new trends

Keyword identification helps you draw quick insights from huge volumes of unstructured text, audio, and video feedback, and identify negative CX trends before they escalate.

Understand your customer's emotion

Sentiment analysis decodes the emotion, concerns and intentions in all of your unstructured feedback, so you can get a better understanding of customer expectations.

Word Cloud

Predict the future of your customer experience

See a KPI you want to improve? Automated key driver analysis tells you what’s having the biggest impact on your score so you know exactly what to do to make improvements.

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