Get more from your data with smart dashboards and reports

Reporting that doesn’t require a team of data scientists

Customizable dashboards give you real-time vision into the data points you care about. Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes set-up a breeze, and a sleek mobile-first design keeps your teams informed in the field.

It’s insight sharing, made easy.

Dashboards that bring your CX data to life

See the impact on your KPIs in real-time

Customer data is mapped to stages in your customer journey so you can assess the impact in real-time.

Flexible data visualization

With a variety of chart types to choose from, you can customize your dashboards to showcase data exactly how you want to see it.

Journey map dashboard with stages of the customer journey

Reports made just for you

Customize your view

With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly configure dashboards based on what’s important to you. Easily add or remove data sources from reports or drill down to filter by product, location, tags, and date.

Focus your teams

Generate real-time reports on any metric and manage permissions without having to rely on third-party administrators.

Customizable reporting dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse with CX program scorecards

Program scorecards are snapshots of your customer experience activities that give you an immediate health check on all your CX activities at once. Receive customer survey responses as they’re submitted, review mystery shopping reports as they come in, and get notifications of reviews as they’re published.

Slice and dice the data, based on what’s important to you and drill down to filter by product, location, tags and date.

Chart showing customer satisfaction scores

Put your customer experience data to work