Collect feedback with employee engagement surveys

Engaged employees drive customer loyalty. Boost business success by collecting real-time employee experience insights and learn exactly where to focus your efforts.

Employee engagement plays a key role in your customer experience strategy

When employees understand the role they play in CX and can see the results their actions and performance have on business metrics, they are more motivated to provide better experiences.

Start listening to the voice of your employees

Measure employee engagement and satisfaction

Listen to your employees along their entire journey with Employee Net Promoter Score, Employee Satisfaction, Employee Pulse, Exit Interview, Onboarding, and Training Surveys.

Quickly uncover emerging trends

Text analytics rapidly mine open text survey responses and identify trends and sentiment in employee feedback.

Connect employee and customer experience insights

Understand the correlation between employee and customer experience metrics. Act on the most pressing employee and customer needs to maximize business success.

Create unlimited dashboards

Create and share unlimited custom dashboards with different users and groups across your organization. Role-based permissions make it easy to set who can see what data.

Example of a LiaCX employee engagement survey

Take action to improve employee engagement with patented Action Campaign™ technology

Improve trending problems

Create an Action Campaign to improve a specific employee experience issue or metric. Set a metric goal.

Assign tasks to different employees

Define the tasks that need to be completed to drive improvements and assign them to an individual or group of employees.

Improve accountability

Very who has completed their assigned tasks and who has not.

Monitor campaign performance

Track how completed actions are impacting your campaign goal over time.

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