Gain deeper location level CX insights with Internet of Things devices

Harness the power of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to understand how the physical environment of your locations correlates to customer experience, purchase behavior, revenue, and other business metrics.

How can the IoT improve customer experience?

The physical store environment plays a big role in customer experience (CX). Leverage IoT sensors and devices to collect contextual data such as sound, temperature, and traffic patterns. Combine these location level insights with CX and POS data within the LiaCX™ platform and key driver analysis will uncover how physical elements of a location correlate to business outcomes like customer satisfaction, sales transactions and revenue.

Drive customer satisfaction and revenue by identifying optimal location conditions

Traffic pattern sensors

Monitor how traffic patterns impact conversion rates, cleanliness, product availability and more. Automatically alert teams of actions they must take when a specific number of people visit the store or interact with a certain touchpoint.

Temperature and sound sensors

Are noise and temperature negatively impacting CX touchpoints? Identify the noise level or temperature during your highest and lowest sales periods to understand how you can improve CX and drive more revenue.

Internet Of Things Customer Experience Key Drivers Dashboard

Optimize the physical environment to deliver better customer experiences

Once you've identified how elements of the physical environment correlate to CX and business outcomes, use the platform's patent-pending Action Campaign™ technology to easily drive and monitor improvements.

Set a goal

Define the business metric you want to improve (customer satisfaction, upsell rate, revenue, etc.) and set a target you want to achieve.

Define and assign actions

Define and assign the actions your teams must take to achieve the optimal location conditions for your customers.

Monitor impact in real-time

Verify that actions are being completed and easily monitor how those actions are impacting your desired business outcomes in real-time.

Learn how the IoT can help you understand and improve CX in a whole new way

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