Customer experience software, designed with stakeholders in mind

The CX solution that drives action

Lead change across your organization with customer experience software that supports enterprise-wide CX efforts.

Make confident CX decisions

LiaCX helps smart executives cut through the noise by aligning their CX initiatives with business goals.

LiaCX is the only CX platform that uses artificial intelligence to compare the impact of your CX actions on your KPIs. Get a big picture view with the intelligence to track improvements across the buyer journey.

Achieve operational excellence through the world’s smartest CX platform.

Executive working on customer experience

Wave goodbye to operational silos

With a variety of stakeholders across the organization collecting data sources using disparate tools, it’s impossible to understand the true impact of your CX efforts.

LiaCX helps CX program leaders capture these data sets, consolidate them in a single platform, and work with stakeholders to interpret and prioritize data findings in alignment with business objectives.

LiaCX makes it easy to get everyone on the same page.

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The CX solution for location-based operations

Get tangible results across all your locations. A customer experience solution that helps you listen, interpret, and act on operational data. LiaCX helps operations teams easily spot trends and fix inefficiencies before they escalate.

When a problem arises, operations leaders can easily deploy an Action Campaign™ to fix the root cause of the issue using patent-pending technology in the LiaCX platform. This technology makes it easy to track execution in the frontlines and measure the impact on business goals.

A solution that’s easy to adopt, and easy to love.

Operations leader working on customer experience

The CX solution for customer-obsessed marketers

LiaCX makes it easy to listen to your customers, understand their needs, and act on their expectations — before they even arise. Because only when you truly understand your customer can you deliver a brilliant customer experience.

Always be one step ahead of your customers.

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