Intouch Capture

Event data capture made easy for even the largest events.

Build your own event data capture that works offline. Scalable enough to capture even millions of leads.

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Intouch Capture
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Your ultimate event data capture solution.

Build your own. Save time and $$.

Build in-house. No coding necessary. Create your own mobile responsive surveys, waivers, forms and more for online pre-event, and onsite at the show.

Make changes and publish in real-time. Don't wait for someone else to make the changes you or your clients need. Now you can make them yourself and even publish them to live events.

Beautiful custom themes. Use IntouchCapture's theme builder to design your own beautiful custom theme. Team of designers? Use custom css and html to take customization to the next level.

Dynamic interactions. Design smart surveys using skip logic, conditional branching and answer piping, so your surveys are effortless for attendees.

Your ultimate event data capture solution

Don't sweat scaling or low connectivity.

Reliable enough for millions of records. Last year, we captured over 4.6 million consumer leads at a single event. Trust in our ability to scale.

Offline-proof. Event-proof. IntouchCapture surveys and forms collect data, even when your devices are offline. All of your data will sync securely and reliably once your devices are back online.

Don't sweat scaling or low connectivity

Engage, track & integrate.

Integrate with IntouchTrack options and engage attendees, incentivize participation, and track how they move throughout your event. Watch these interactions alongside of survey responses on your dashboards to identify true hot leads.

Engage, track & integrate

Watch, manage & optimize.

Unlimited custom dashboards. Create custom shareable dashboards to report on data that matters most to you and watch performance in real-time.

Drill down, filter, export and share with teams. Compare performance over time.

Optimize in real-time and over time. With real-time data you can make changes on the fly and compare event performance over time to run experiments and optimize for your greatest success.

Explore Dashboards

Watch, manage & optimize

Device rentals and shipping for events.

Work with our team of experts to choose event hardware, ensure shipping and logistics are taken care of, and make on-site setup and take down easier.

Explore Hardware, Shipping & Logistics

Device rentals and shipping for events

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