Increase brand loyalty with customer satisfaction surveys.

Incorporate brand and location-level customer feedback into every decision you make.

  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Net promoter score (NPS)
  • Customer service feedback
Customer satisfaction survey

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Collect valuable customer feedback from every location.
Drive improvements across your business.

 Intouch customer satisfaction survey programs help you in three key ways:

1. Listen & Measure

Use online, in-store, or intercept customer satisfaction surveys to learn what your customers think at different touch points. Deploy surveys to customers through your choice of custom URLs, barcode or QR code scanning, email, and text message (SMS). Surveys even work offline.

2. Identify & Understand

Real-time, permission-based dashboards allow brand executives, operators, franchisees and managers to instantly see the customer feedback that matters most to them - from NPS scores to customer concerns, compliments, and more.

3. Act & Improve

Intouch customer rescue plans ensure negative experiences and unhappy customers are followed-up with immediately, and empower your teams to close the loop on every customer interaction.

CSAT survey analytics

Dynamic customer satisfaction surveys for the easiest user experience.


Our fully-featured survey builder includes:

  • All standard question types: multiple choice, scaled response, text input, date input, product grids, NPS and more.
  • Dynamic questions: skip logic, conditional branching and answer piping.
  • Ability to add photo and video right in your surveys.
  • CSS for custom, branded surveys. We can use your custom artwork, logos colors and layouts - or your designers can customize in-house.
  • Location lookup codes.
  • Incentives: Improve response rate with popular add-ons like draws, coupons, gamification, social media engagement, and charity donations.



Branded customer satisfaction surveys

Ask questions that garner clear, actionable responses.

Intouch has been helping businesses improve customer experience for almost 40 years. We leverage this experience to help you design surveys that are tailored to your business needs and ask the right questions in the right way - so you can better understand and improve upon the key drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Improve customer experience with surveys


Real-time customer intelligence for everyone in your organization.

Brand and location-level dashboards.

Set permissions and hierarchies so teams only see dashboards with data that's relevant to them.

Quickly gauge NPS.

Instantly gauge NPS and evaluate customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with charts and tables.

Compare performance over time.

Understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, set goals, and compare performance over time.

Filter and drill down.

Drill down to specific survey answer summaries or filter to view your data by date, cycle, hierarchy, location and attributes. 

Customer satisfaction survey insights

Close the gap between insights and action.

  • Set survey response thresholds to automatically trigger customer rescue plans.
  • Send instant email notifications to location managers, call center reps or whoever is responsible for fixing the issue.
  • View contact information, link to survey results and complaint details.
  • Set due dates, assign issues and work collaboratively on customer rescue plans.
  • Close the loop on every customer complaint so nothing is forgotten or goes unresolved.
  • View complete list of open issues and issues that have been marked as resolved.
Customer Rescue Plans

Learn more about your customers.
Request a demo of IntouchSurvey.

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