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Canada ranked #2 in global customer service study. Intouch one of two groups to contribute data

OTTAWA, Canada (April 21, 2020) – It’s no surprise that Canada, a country known for being polite and friendly, ranks among the best for flashing those pearly whites. In the latest edition of the Smiling Report - an annual study of customer service standards - Canada is recognized as a leader in smiling, ranked 2nd only to Georgia. Intouch Insight, a leading Canadian mystery shopping and Customer Experience Management software company, was one of two groups who contributed to the Canadian data.

“We were thrilled to be included among the companies invited to participate in this global study that evaluates key customer service metrics, including whether customers receive a smile, were greeted, or received an add-on sale suggestion,” says Andrée-Anne Chailler, VP of Operations at Intouch Insight. “This type of research is more important than ever with the entire customer service industry facing unprecedented challenges due to Covid-19. Understanding how to make customers feel comfortable and appreciated while they engage with businesses in new and unique ways is now more important than ever.”

Key findings of the study:

  • Georgia (99%), Canada, Moldova and Poland (94%) had the highest Smiling scores, followed by Portugal with 92%.
  • Portugal attained the highest score with 98% Greeting, followed by Austria, Azerbaijan and Switzerland with 96%. Canada was the best performing country in North America with 89%.
  • 2019 was the year when Add-on Sales really peaked. Add-on Sales increased from an average in 2004-2018 of 51% to 68% in 2019.

As an expert in market research focused on measuring customer service standards, conducting this kind of analysis is right up Intouch Insight's alley. “We work with clients every day to help them understand how they can offer their customers a better experience. Leveraging our more than 40 years conducting customer service audits and surveys, it was great to be able to contribute to the Canadian data that was included in this study, not to mention seeing Canada recognized among the best worldwide,” adds Chailler.

About the study
MSPA Europe/Africa has released the 2020 Smiling Report in cooperation with Better Business World Wide and Surfmerchants, the 16th year the report has been published. The report analyzes customer service data from evaluations conducted across a whole spectrum of industries. All information is gathered by mystery shoppers from professional mystery shopping companies that are members of MSPA, the trade organization for mystery shopping professionals. The 2020 report provides a summary of almost five million answers to questions focusing on Smile, Greeting and Add-on Sales metrics from 68 countries during 2019. For more information on the 2020 Smiling Report, please visit

About Intouch Insight

Intouch Insight (TSXV: INX) (OTCQB: INXSF) offers a complete portfolio of customer experience management (CEM) products and services that help global brands delight their customers, strengthen brand reputation and improve financial performance. Through its flagship SaaS product, LiaCXTM, Intouch helps clients collect and centralize data from multiple customer touch points, gives them actionable, real-time insights, and provides them with the tools to continuously improve customer experience. Founded in 1992, Intouch is trusted by over 300 of North America’s most-loved brands for their customer experience management, customer survey, mystery shopping, mobile forms, operational and compliance audits, and event marketing automation solutions. For more information, visit

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