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Intouch Insight Ltd. Accelerates Its Software Platform for Customer Experience Management

OTTAWA, Canada September 6, 2017 - Intouch Insight Ltd. (“Intouch”) (TSXV: INX) today announced that it intends to complete a financing to accelerate the market entry of its unique Intouch Customer Experience Management software (“iCEM”).

Intouch has completed the update of its current software technology, that provides a unified platform across all its product lines - IntouchCapture, IntouchShop, IntouchAudit, IntouchSurvey, and IntouchCheck. The company has also launched its platform portal IntouchIntelligence which allows clients to receive their data and analysis from Intouch through a single dashboard interface regardless of which, or how many, products they purchase from the company. Clients are already benefiting from the portal and its ability to provide them with a more holistic view of the programs that they run with Intouch on both a location by location and an aggregated basis.

IntouchIntelligence was designed to form the foundation of the company’s new Intouch Customer Experience Management software. One of the biggest challenges for today’s marketing, operations, and sales departments is the management of the many sources of information in a heterogeneous ‘voice of the customer’ world. With its powerful dashboards, the iCEM software platform creates a unified view and single point of contact for an organization to listen to their customers through any input desired, analyze the data, and enable action steps to be created, distributed and tracked to ensure that issues are being resolved. The new iCEM software becomes the single point of contact tool for companies who wish to measure ROI while they test and implement new customer experience and operational strategies.

To date, Intouch has funded its development efforts and entry in to the Customer Experience Management software market from internal cash flows. However, Intouch sees a large opportunity in this nascent, large, rapidly growing CEM marketplace, and plans to raise additional funds to support its product development, sales, and marketing.

The company feels strongly that it needs to act more aggressively in order to secure the recurring software revenue sales that are currently available. iCEM is currently in alpha release with a limited number of Intouch customers and the company plans to launch the platform early in 2018.

“We are incredibly excited about the new software capabilities we have today and are equally excited about what is to come as we continue to add additional features and functionality. We already have clients using the new products and are receiving very positive feedback,” said Cameron Watt, President & Chief Executive Officer.

“We know that we have a winning formula to attack the large and growing customer experience software marketplace. We must however have the sales and marketing resources that are going to be required to allow us to take advantage of what we have built and secure the long term recurring revenue that is currently available,” said Watt.

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