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Intouch Insight confirms: Investments into tech-superior restaurant prototypes are paying off

An Intouch Insight study has found that 7 out of 10 brands’ innovation experiences outperformed the legacy experiences. The investment made in these new restaurant prototypes, like Burger King's Sizzle, Taco Bell's Go Mobile, and Wendy's Global NextGen, has resulted in notable improvements to key customer experience metrics.

Ottawa, ON - Intouch Insight, a well-known provider of customer experience management solutions in North America, has released the second edition of its Emerging Experience study today in partnership with QSR® Magazine. The report titled Next-Gen Restaurant Experiences: The Rise of Innovative Locations is focused on how technology is impacting the customer experience for multi-location QSR brands.

"We have been closely monitoring the latest trends in the technology and new prototypes launched by Quick Service Restaurants since the pandemic," says Laura Livers, Chief Revenue Officer at Intouch Insight. "This year, through our Emerging Experiences study, we wanted to dig deeper into the current performance of these prototypes and technology as compared to traditional experiences."

The rapidly evolving quick service sector has seen many brands invest heavily in technology-enabled prototypes to enhance both in-person and digital experiences. This year's study highlights innovative brands that have incorporated features like mobile kiosks, improved drive-thru, AI-powered technology, innovative kitchens, and more to elevate the customer experience.

The results show that innovation experience overall scores outperformed legacy experiences in 7 out of 10 brands’. Some of the key findings of the study include:

  • 3 out of 4 Innovation Experiences received higher overall satisfaction scores compared to their legacy counterparts.
  • Technology innovations drove speed improvements for digital orders placed for pickup.
  • 3 out of 4 innovation experiences' overall order accuracy scores outperformed the legacy experiences.

“The data suggests that customers have a preference for innovative experiences,” says Livers. “As growth in these digital channels continues to surge, creating consistency across the varied customer engagement points will be critical for success. The brands who measure, learn, and pivot quickly, will be the brands who ultimately come out on top.”

To access the study results, download the full study here: 

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