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In-Touch Insight Systems Announces New Product, OpsMatrix

OTTAWA, Canada November 19, 2014: In-Touch Survey Systems Ltd. (TSXV: INX) through its operating company In-Touch Insights Systems Inc. (“In-Touch”), announced the launch of its new mobile software product, OpsMatrix, on the stage of CSP Business Media’s Outlook Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

OpsMatrix is an affordable mobile and web-based operational audit software that allows retail businesses to collect, aggregate and report on location-level data and action it accordingly.

“Businesses invest millions in strategies and technology to optimize supply chains, attract customers and improve customer experience,” says Cameron Watt, President & CEO of In-Touch.

“Yet the technology for tracking the execution of these strategies at the location-level is often limited to email, paper checklists or expensive enterprise-class technology with a different prime purpose. OpsMatrix is an affordable way to automate field-based reports on execution and help businesses react to issues faster,” Watt explains.

The SaaS product allows businesses to add checklists for their various standards, dispatch them to unlimited remote users and manage permissions across their business.

“Because of its self-serve nature, businesses have the flexibility to create unlimited checklists on the fly,” says Watt. “Checklists can be created to experiment with new service standards, roll out improvement campaigns, or dispatch spot checks on new products. Users aren’t restricted by months-long configuration and setup as with competitor enterprise software. They can use OpsMatrix to measure execution as fluidly as their business requires,” says Watt.

Field teams can use OpsMatrix to complete checks using mobile devices, collect time- and GPS-stamped data, acquire signatures and flag issues for follow up. Managers can review performance, manage follow-up issues and access reports on location or district performance.

OpsMatrix is now available for free trial and purchase at

In-Touch Survey Systems Ltd. trades on the TSXV under the symbol INX. In-Touch Insight Systems Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of In-Touch Survey Systems Ltd.

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Jodie Hewson
Product Marketing Manager