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New app to provide additional quality assurance and data for clients

CHARLOTTE, NC, June 25, 2013 /CNW/ - Today Service Intelligence, (a division of In-Touch Insight Systems Inc.) announced the internal release of an alpha-phase mobile application for mystery shoppers and auditors, aiming to test a beta version with selected programs this fall.

"This application will cement our leading position in quality and on-time completion while providing our customers with an unprecedented audit trail," indicated Cameron Watt, Service Intelligence Vice President and General Manager.

The new mobile app is designed to be both a quality assurance mechanism for clients and a user-friendly tool for mystery shoppers and auditors. Once launched, mystery shoppers will use their smart phone's GPS technology to confirm their shop has begun at the correct location and within the client-specified time frame.

"We have long been focused on delivering the highest quality programs for our clients", says Pavla Selepova, Vice President of Client Services and project manager of the application. "With this new level of tracking, we intend to start measuring real-time statistics about all work in progress and offer additional quality assurance mechanisms to ensure mystery shops are meeting program specifications."

Aside from quality assurance measurement, the application is also slated to boast other value-added features. Mystery shoppers will use the application to easily check for, claim and complete mystery shop assignments in their surrounding areas in real-time. Eventually, auditors and field teams will also get use of the application on tablets and other mobile devices with the ability to log complex audit results as they move through the store. The app will also allow auditors to take and log photos of locations audited and later upload images tagged with correct times and locations to final reports.

Targeting a beta testing phase this fall, the new application is currently in development with In-Touch Insight's research and development team. Once available, mystery shoppers and field research staff will be able to download the app for free to any smart phone operating system. Users will also receive access to online training modules to use the app, along side of their existing training programs.

Selepova shares, "An app that truly adds value for both clients and users is a long-time coming in the industry. We're really looking forward to providing our clients with this valuable new tool."

About Service Intelligence Service Intelligence is leading provider of mystery shopping, data collection, auditing and business verification programs in North America. Core services are divided into mystery shopping programs, customer intelligence programs, operational audits and compliance audits. Service Intelligence is a division of In-Touch Insight Systems. Together the two brands have over 50 years of experience providing brands with the insights needed to achieve service and operational excellence. For more information visit or

SOURCE: In-Touch Insight Systems Inc.

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