Food Safety Checklist

Food safety should be amongst the top priority for any one in the food service industry. Safe quality food is important for both the health and safety of customers and the general public, as well as brand image, customer experience and more.

Daily checks and internal inspections are a great way to be sure your food service teams are constantly reviewing and assessing all food safety procedures to ensure they are executed consistently. A single error is all it takes for food safety to be put in jeopardy.

Intouchcheck Checklists

This food safety checklist template assesses:

Use this checklist for ongoing checks of your food preparation areas, employee knowledge and general facilities.

Note: This checklist is not to be used in place of mandated food safety policies set out by national and local food safety advisories. Consult all relevant food safety advisories for regulations that apply to your business.

Food safety checklist sections:

  • Employee health, hygiene and training
  • Protection from contamination
  • Time and temperature of foods
  • Approved food sources
  • Chemicals
  • Proper Use of Utensils & Equipment
  • Physical Facility

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