Responsible Sales Questionnaire

For a lot of businesses that sell alcohol or tobacco products, there is a large amount of responsibility on sales associates to sell products safely. Ensure that your staff are aware of how to identify underage shoppers and handle themselves accordingly.

Intouchshop Questionnaire

Tasks the Responsible Sales Questionnaire Monitors:

Download the free, sample responsible sales questionnaire to understand the steps that need to be taken to ensure that staff aren't selling to people under the legal age.

The free downloadable responsible sales template monitors the following:

  • If identification is being asked for
  • How sales associates are responding

Download the Free Responsible Sales Mystery Shopper Questionnaire Today.

If you want to monitor how your staff are handling selling situations, it's important to promote responsible sales. Use a mystery shopping program to ensure that sales associates are verifying the ages of all customers before serving them.

Start measuring your current standards with this free responsible sales mystery shopping questionnaire