Restaurant Opening and Closing Checklist

All restaurants require front of house staff to prepare the restaurant for business before and after every shift. Prepping in the morning for the day to come, and at night for the following day are important parts of a restaurant’s success and help things run smoothly. With opening and closing checklists in place, your staff can easily work through their duties throughout their shift, while management ensures that all items are completed. Track progress and ensure that any issues are identified and documented for further action.

Using restaurant opening and closing checklists provides your team with the tools they need to succeed and provide that superior customer experience for your guests.

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This restaurant opening and closing checklist monitors:

The restaurant opening and closing checklist ensures that all items are stocked and all areas are cleaned for a successful shift. By following this checklist, your restaurant will be prepared to run smoothly and profitably.

Restaurant opening and closing checklist sections:

  • Coffee
  • Fridge
  • Servery
  • Side Stands
  • Staff Area
  • Cutlery

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Use a mobile form software to manage your restaurant. Instantly submit results and notify teams of the results in real-time so you can resolve problems faster. IntouchCheck mobile checklist software ensures that your teams have all the resources they need right at their fingertips to keep your restaurant running efficiently.

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