Restaurant Questionnaire

Many restaurants rely heavily on their customer's satisfaction in order to maintain a positive reputation and attract new customers to dine at their establishment.

Understand how your potential customers feel about your food quality, service, and other aspects of the dining experience. Gather actionable feedback to determine if your standards are being met.

Intouchshop Questionnaire

Tasks the Restaurant Questionnaire Monitors:

This sample restaurant mystery shopper checklist covers basic standards that restaurants aim to meet on a regular basis. This questionnaire provides owners and operators with an example of the types of questions that would be useful during a mystery shop.

The free downloadable restaurant mystery shopper template monitors the following things for your locations:

  • Hostess Interaction
  • Server Interaction
  • Quality of Meal
  • Payment Process
  • Facilities
  • Management

Download the Free Restaurant Mystery Shopper Questionnaire Today.

Create a mystery shopping program that's right for your business and includes all of your internal standards. Work with our analysts to come up with a program that will achieve your goals.

Start measuring your current standards with this free restaurant mystery shopping questionnaire