Retail Checklist

From opening to closing, and set-up to cleaning, ensuring that everything is done correctly and efficiently determines whether your business will thrive.

With this retail store checklist you'll know that every last detail is being evaluated, so management can simplify workflows and staff can easily make sure they've properly completed all duties.

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Tasks the Retail Checklist Template Monitors:

Owners and management can't be at every location, every moment. With a proper store opening and closing checklist, retail businesses will be covered from every angle. This free download includes a retail store setup checklist template as well as a retail cleaning checklist template.

Retail Checklist Sections

  • Inventory and Backstock Procedures
  • Cleaning Duties Inside and Outside the Store
  • Entrance
  • Displays
  • Opening and Closing

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Go mobile.

While manual checklists will show you how crucial a quality checklist is for streamlining the efficiency of your retail business, mobile software checklists will take that ability to the next level. IntouchCheck mobile checklists will ensure that your business is always running smoothly.

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