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2019 Menuboard Survey Report

Menuboards: Mysterious no more! Discover essential menu board design insights to increase sales and revenue in the 2019 Menuboard Survey Report.


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Essential Insights Delivered


Evolving Customer Expectations

Your customers have spoken, and the results are in. 56% of consumers are influenced by the menu board, and a whopping 74% say that an easy-to-read menu board is a top priority.

Consumer demands are changing the way restaurants design their menuboards. Are you staying in the loop to meet their expectations?



Key Menuboard Findings & Insights

While 66% of study evaluators had a positive opinion of ordering from various QSR and fast casual restaurants’ menuboards, the statistical findings in the 2019 Menuboard Survey Report indicate areas for improvement both inside the store and outside at the drive-thru.

Gain an in-depth analysis of how many items your menuboard is displaying compared to some of your competitors in the restaurant industry, and find out how many is too many. 


Top Ten Menuboard Best Practices

There is a science to menu board design success. From analyzing customer perception to creating profitable “hot spots” on your menu, the best practices outlined in the 2019 Menuboard Survey Report are sure to support your efforts for increased revenue and customer loyalty.


Ready to Unlock Design Secrets?

Take away key insights and tips to implement on your restaurant’s menuboard to improve the overall customer experience. Want more?

Find out what products your restaurant is truly promoting based on the design of your menuboard and discover key tips to implement so you can step ahead of the competition and exceed consumer demands.

Download the FREE Menuboard Survey Report