Increase brand loyalty with customer satisfaction surveys

Understand what drives customer satisfaction across your brand using NPS and CSAT surveys.

Collect valuable customer feedback from every location to drive improvements

Intouch customer satisfaction survey programs help you in three key ways:

1. Listen & measure

Use Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys online or in-store to learn what your customers think at different touchpoints. Deploy surveys through custom URLs, barcode or QR code scanning, email, and text message (SMS) - even offline.

Customer Experience Management Software Listen Mobile Checklist

2. Identify & understand

Real-time, permission-based dashboards allow brand executives, operators, franchisees and managers to instantly see the customer feedback that matters most to them - from Net Promoter Score (NPS), to customer concerns, compliments, and more.

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3. Act & improve

Turn detractors into promoters with survey response thresholds that automatically trigger customer rescue plans and email notifications when negative feedback is detected. Ensure negative experiences and unhappy customers are followed-up with immediately, and empower your teams to close the loop on every customer interaction.

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Dynamic customer satisfaction surveys for the easiest user experience

Increase response rates with surveys your customers want to complete. The survey builder includes all standard question types, as well as skip logic, conditional branching and answer piping to make getting the right feedback a breeze. Modern themes let you customize the look and feel to fit your brand.

Customer satisfaction survey

Real-time customer intelligence for everyone in your organization

Brand and location-level dashboards

Understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, set goals, and compare performance over time. Set permissions so teams can focus on what's relevant to them.

Quickly gauge NPS

Measure NPS and visualize customer satisfaction scores in real-time.

Filter and drill down

Drill down to specific survey answer summaries or filter to view your data by date, question, location, attributes, and more.

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