Find out what your customers have to say with online survey software

It’s never been easier to collect the feedback you need from your customers, on the channels they already use to connect with you.

Collect customer feedback about every location

Customer surveys help you in three key ways:

Listen and measure

Get answers to your most important questions and learn how customers feel about their experience with your brand. With a library of pre-set questions, it’s never been easier to get started.

Identify and understand

Real-time, permission-based dashboards let teams see the customer feedback that matters most to them. Identify trending keywords with text analytics, and determine whether sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral with sentiment analysis.

Act and improve

Automatically trigger email alerts and case management workflows based on survey scores, question response, or sentiment. Close the loop on every customer interaction by ensuring negative and positive feedback is followed up with immediately.

Increase customer response rates with smart surveys

​Ask the right questions

Mix and match a variety of standard and advanced question types, including NPS, matrix questions, sliders, dropdown, video, audio and many more.

Look your best

Modern themes let you customize the look and feel of your brand. Add your company logo, fonts, colours, customize your URL and more. No IT or coding required.

Mobile friendly

Mobile first design means your surveys will look great on any device. Preview what surveys will look like on mobile or desktop before you send them.

Online Survey Software Mobile Friendly

Dynamic customer surveys for the easiest user experience

Speak your customers’ language

Intouch supports surveys in over 40 languages, so you can connect with your customers in their preferred language.

Add skip logic for faster surveys

Show or hide questions based on previous responses or specific customer attributes (ex: rewards members versus non members).

Personalize your surveys

Insert customer information such as name, date of purchase, location visited, or item purchased into your surveys to personalize the experience.

Use smart prompt technology to get the info you need

Gather better data by using real-time smart prompt technology that asks customers to provide more details based on the keywords in their response.

Connect with customers at the right moment

Reach your customers while their experience is fresh. Automatically send surveys after a customer has a specific interaction with your brand such as visiting a store, making a purchase or a call with an agent.

Keep customers engaged with fatigue protection

Prevent respondent fatigue and collect the most accurate responses by ensuring that you are not sending surveys too frequently.

Reach your customers on any channel

Ask your customers for feedback by sending surveys on the channels they already use to connect with you. Surveys can be deployed through email, SMS, websites, receipts, in-app, call center, social media, QR codes and more.

Boost response rates by embedding questions on websites or directly into emails, to make it easy for them to begin the survey straight from their email.

Customer satisfaction survey on iphone

Put survey data in the right hands

Brand and location level dashboards

Understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, set goals for improvement, and compare performance over time. Set permissions so teams focus on what's relevant to them.

Filter and drill down

Drill down to specific survey answer summaries or filter to view your data by date, question, location, attributes, and more. Dig deeper by stacking your filters, then save your selections for easier, future access.

House your contact centre data

Keep all of your contact data in one spot. Send surveys at the right time based on customer centric information and actual interactions, then link results back to the customer's contact record. Filter responses based on customer demographics and attributes.

Customer Survey Software Dashboard

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