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With Action Campaigns™ in the Intouch Platform, you can identify, track, and analyze the influence that key drivers have on the performance of your KPIs. Trigger actions and automate workflows to improve customer experience and operational performance.

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What are Action Campaigns™?

An Action Campaign™ is a series of specific actions you assign to your teams, aimed at improving a business metric, such as a KPI, or resolving a trending issue. Use this technology to guide frontline teams to deliver amazing experiences while replicating and scaling success.


Link Activities to Outcomes

Have a KPI you want to improve? Gain visibility into the activities that impact your ability to achieve that KPI. Create campaigns to monitor specific goals. Align teams to improve efficiency.


Understand Key Drivers of Success

Our automated key driver analysis tool will tell you which parts of your customer experience or operational performance are having the biggest impact on the targeted KPI.

Key drivers are weighted by importance, so it’s easy to see where you should start focusing your efforts.


Action Campaigns

Rally your organization, from top-to-bottom, at every location around your shared objectives. Monitor the completion of campaigns and understand the impacts of actions taken to refine your operational performance.


The possibilities are endless!

You can use Action Campaigns™ to make an impact in any area, or on any KPI across your business! Here are a few common use cases to illustrate how CX pros are using them to improve key metrics for their business.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Identify the key drivers of overall customer satisfaction and guide your teams to take the actions needed to deliver best-in-class experiences.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Pinpoint what your detractors are unhappy about, and target improving these issues to turn detractors into promoters.

Average Order Value

Identify missed up-sell opportunities and provide teams with the training needed to increase basket size and drive revenue.

Inventory Availability

Ensure your customers' favorite menu items are always available by fixing operational issues that lead to food waste or inventory mishaps.


Make sense of the data your business is collecting.