Save time and eliminate silos with out-of-the-box or custom data integrations

The Intouch Insight platform makes it easy to move data in and out, so you can drive real business value with the tools your teams use everyday.

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Flexible File Format

Deliver your data in the format you need it. CSV, Excel, JSON, and PDF.

Secure File Transfers

Transfer your files privately and securely to the desired server by using SFTP.

Event-based triggers

Send or receive data in real-time, on a schedule or ad-hoc.


What can you do with integrations?

Ensure a seamless flow of data between the tools your teams use every day to boost efficiency, eliminate manual data entry and simplify analysis across systems.

Manage organizational hierarchies

Automatically keep your locations up to date and eliminate manual data entry.

Import historical program data

Switching vendors? No problem! Migrate and maintain past data for long term trend analysis.

Trigger notification to 3rd party applications

Send notifications and records to your teams in the tools they use every day!

Deliver files and records automatically

Leverage automation to push files and records to the people and systems who need it.

Conduct cross-program analysis

Correlate actions with impact by analyzing your CX data against other key business metrics.

Personalize customer experiences

Tailor experiences by timing feedback surveys based on key customer interactions.


How the Intouch Insight platform supports your integration needs

Out-of-the-box connectors and webhooks

Our plug and play connectors allow you to deliver notifications and records in real-time to the tools that your teams already use. Configure webhooks to any system that accepts them.

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External data imports

Whether you want to analyze historical program data or import large data sets on a recurring basis, External Programs allows you to upload data using a standardized format so it’s ready to be used alongside current program data.

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Connect to any system leveraging the powerful Intouch Insight API. Designed for organizations who can build and support their own integrations, the B2B API makes transferring data between systems seamless.

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