Never miss an opportunity to make your customers feel heard

With LiaCX® you can leverage the social media channels your customers are already using to identify patterns and trends that can lead to meaningful action. Join the conversation, celebrate the good, refine processes, and deliver referrals.

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Deliver exceptional experiences, both in-person and online

“Forty percent of customers who complain [on] social [media] expect a response within one hour. Not answering a complaint decreases customer advocacy by as much as 50%”” - from Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer

With LiaCX you can save time and money by transforming unstructured social media and online feedback into rich data insight that can be analyzed alongside your other VoC and operational programs.

Manage reputation and engage in real-time discussions in order to get deeper insights that drive better CX outcomes.

Social Listening Dashboard | LiaCX® by Intouch Insight

Identify Trends

Social listening allows you to interpret massive amounts of online data and identify emerging patterns that can be turned into action. Create reports, respond in real-time, and manage trend data to proactively remedy emerging issues.

Measure Customer Emotion

Understand tone, context, polarity, and sentiment, by applying sentiment analysis to social reporting. Colored word clouds make it easy to see the sentiment associated with each word, so you can at-a-glance identify what creates promoters and detractors.

Manage your Reputation

With LiaCX reputation management capability, you can analyze where people go to talk about your brand. Trigger workflows based on a threshold of sentiment results or mentions around a particular topic. Gather meaningful insights so you can take action that improves brand perception, and loyalty, building you an army of champions.

Compare Performance

Use competitive benchmarking to see how your business stacks up against the competition. Compare results to other performance data to get a complete picture of your performance across various campaigns and regions.

Refine your Focus

Use social media feedback to see what’s resonating, and where, allowing you to refine your focus to ensure all goals and activities are driving success. Easily create campaigns, or manage trend data over time.

Empower your Teams

Achieve desired CX advancements by assigning specific tasks and metrics to frontline teams, keeping them accountable and in control of the experiences they deliver and the feedback they receive. AND, you can use social listening and reporting to provide employee recognition that keeps teams motivated!


Close the feedback loop

It has never been more important to listen to what your customers are saying. And let’s be honest, whether you solicit their feedback or not, your customers are already online, talking about the experiences they’ve had with your brand.

By monitoring brand reputation online, teams can easily respond to feedback in a real-time and targeted way. Uncover trends, identify moments of friction, and find organic opportunities to replicate and scale your success.



Limitless connectivity

With LiaCX™ you can aggregate data from over 65+ popular review sites including Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews,, Twitter, Facebook, Yellow Pages, and many more. View and respond to reviews and mentions, all from within a single unified view.


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Join your customers in conversation