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Drive efficient and effective hotel operations.

IntouchCheck™ streamlines the management and execution of operational tasks to deliver exceptional guest experiences. Ensure consistency across all your locations, improve communication between team members, and monitor progress from any smart device.



Inspection software for hotels
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Manage and monitor properties remotely

With locations spanning multiple cities, states, and countries, hotel operators need to stay connected across a variety of physical locations. IntouchCheck™ does just that. Get real-time data of team performance at every property. Make data-driven operational decisions with reporting that aligns with your company hierarchy. Monitor trends to identify problems before they arise and identify success at one location to replicate it across the rest.

Experience unparalleled efficiency across properties with IntouchCheck™



Deliver exceptional guest experiences

From arrival to departure, ensure your guests feel the care and dedication you have invested in their stay — anytime and anywhere they visit you.

Ensure consistency across properties

The hallmark of hotels is consistency — which sets them apart from competitors like short-term apartment or home rentals. Guests expect to find well-maintained facilities and pristine rooms no matter when or where they stay at your hotels. IntouchCheck™ ensures all staff to follow the same standardized procedures and allows any changes to automatically apply across all your locations.

Enrich your properties with well-maintained facilities and pristine rooms with IntouchCheck™

Streamline Task Management

Hotel management requires the timely execution of a staggering number of tasks. IntouchCheck™ makes this job easier for management at all levels by keeping track of which tasks have been completed, what needs to be done next, and who is responsible for each task. Automated updates will alert supervisors if a critical step is missed or if an issue requires their attention — helping them stay up-to-date in real-time.

Task management made easy with IntouchCheck™

Train and retain staff

Even the best onboarding program can’t replace on-the-job experience. IntouchCheck™ makes following step-by-step instructions simple and ongoing expectations clear. This means new employees can work independently faster. Alerts let them know when they have an inspection due, when a new task is assigned to them, or when an issue has been resolved. As a result, junior employees can find their rhythm faster.

Make it easy for employees to learn and execute operational procedures with IntouchCheck™

Resolve issues faster

As hard as we try, operational procedures can’t account for every variable. Issues will arise and, when they do, it’s crucial to resolve them as quickly as possible. IntouchCheck™'s improves team communications to do just that. Share anotated photographs instead of trying to describe an issue with words and send autonated updates to help team members stay focused on swift resolutions.

Find solutions faster →  

IntouchCheck™ provides swift resolution to operational issues.

Drive ongoing improvements

In addition to streamlining day-to-day operations, IntouchCheck™ serves is an irreplaceable source of operational data. Operators can leverage this data to find areas for improvement as well as replicate success at one location across others. Automatically collect data like the average time it takes to service a room and compare this data across your locations to identify areas for improvement and replicate success at one across others.

Continue to raise the bar →

IntouchCheck™ gives you visibility into operational data to identify areas for improvement.

Get a complete view of your CX programs

Often, brands use different CX programs such as internal inspections, covert audits, and voice of the customers (VOC) to measure their brand performance. But interpreting these data sets in silos doesn't reveal the whole truth. With IntouchCheck™, you can bring it all together to see the bigger picture. Not just that, but soon, you will be able to import data from IoT devices to make your hotel operations seamless.  

360° view of all CX programs