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From chaos to control: Improve retail operation across all stores.

IntouchCheck™ enhances your retail store operations with digital checklists. Improve compliance, streamline tasks, and get real-time visibility across teams and store locations. Managers can easily update, schedule, execute, and monitor tasks from anywhere, ensuring efficient store management.



Improve retail operations with digital checklists.

Facilitate the seamless execution of standard operating procedures.

In the world of big-box retail, where thousands of employees drive daily operations, repetitive tasks can occasionally result in errors when executing critical SOPs. But fear not! Our digital checklist software - IntouchCheck™ - serves as your safeguard against forgetfulness, reducing human errors by an impressive 33% and ensuring your operations run seamlessly.

Streamline Operations

IntouchCheck™ connects your teams across every location. Know when tasks are completed or overdue. Receive automated alerts if standards aren't met.

Ensure Adherence to SOPs

With IntouchCheck™, your forms remain connected, ensuring instant updates and direct input into a central database, providing you with greater visibility.

Deliver Consistent Experiences

Standardized checklists and procedures help maintain consistency in inspections across different store locations, ensuring that all stores meet the same standards.

Promote Accountability

Improved visibility into store performance promotes team accountability, allowing managers to focus on identifying areas in need of improvement.

Drive Ongoing Improvements

With all your data feeding into a unified platform, IntouchCheck™ enables you to track trends and identify outliers. Pinpoint challenges before they become problems.

Train & Retain Staff

Staffing shortages affect all industries, including retail. Equip your team with IntouchCheck™ for efficient SOP adherence, enabling faster, confident work for new employees.


Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Supercharge your team with the perfect tool for enhanced operations. Maintaining the same standards across all touchpoints and locations ensures the seamless experience that your customers expect.

Store Opening & Closing

Before and after a store opens and closes, numerous critical tasks must be executed to ensure customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Picture this: you approach the checkout counter, only to find that the billing system is acting up. Or, perhaps, an inventory count at closing hasn't been completed, resulting in a less-than-optimal shopping experience for the next day's visitors.

IntouchCheck™ simplifies these opening and closing procedures by automating them for your teams, eliminating room for errors.

Streamline opening and closing procedures using digital checklists for all stores.

Inventory Control & Merchandising

Nothing is worse than not finding the product you want. It drives customers straight to your competitors. Whether it's due to products being out of stock or not replenished on the aisle, this experience can plant seeds of doubt about your brand and inspire loyalty towards your rivals.

With IntouchCheck™, you can ensure products are properly displayed aisle-by-aisle and stay in stock, keeping customers coming back for more.

Monitor stock display and adherence to standard operating procedures using mobile checklists.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance go beyond just keeping restrooms well-stocked; it's about presenting a clean store environment to customers. This includes routine tasks like mopping, vacuuming, and regular trash removal. Even areas like entrances and parking should be spotless, safe, and free from obstacles like carts to create a positive first impression.

With IntouchCheck™, monitoring these tasks is as easy as a click.

Access cleanliness scores for key areas and track month-to-month progress to drive improvements.

Health & Safety Compliance

Failing to comply with security and safety guidelines can tarnish your brand image. Negative reports of non-compliance tend to linger longer in customers' minds than positive ones. Moreover, you could face federal scrutiny, leading to fines and even store closures.

IntouchCheck™ ensures that all security procedures and assessments are meticulously handled by your team, mitigating these risks.

Enforce standard operating procedures for optimal health and safety compliance.

Adhoc Promotions & Product Recalls

IntouchCheck™ proves indispensable when it comes to streamlining ad-hoc product promotions and rapid product recall responses. It aids retailers in task delegation, real-time updates, inventory control, and compliance during promotions, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Similarly, during recalls, it assists with swift actions, traceability, communication, documentation, and training, providing a comprehensive solution for precise and speedy handling of critical product recall situations, ultimately preserving brand integrity and customer safety.

Support your teams during sampling activities and product recalls with digital checklists.

Get a complete view of your CX programs

Customer experiences don't happen in a vacuum. Often, brands use different CX programs such as internal inspections, covert audits, and voice of the customers (VOC) to measure their brand performance. But incorporating additional operational data can reveal new insights.

With IntouchCheck™, you can bring it all together to see the bigger picture. You can even import data from external sources such as internet of things (IoT) devices, point of sale (POS) systems, to make your operations seamless.

Gain comprehensive insights into retail operations with our user-friendly dashboards.